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December 4, 2015
Marketing  |  5 min read

5 Things You Need To Read: The Social Media Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Social media has been around for a while now, but why does making it a successful part of your business strategy still feel like such a mystery? Here are some great articles from around the interwebs to help lift the veil a little bit on making social media work for your business.


Why Building an Audience Is So Hard (and Why I’m Still Trying) (via @buffer)

Feeling like you’re shouting into an abyss is perhaps the hardest thing about social media. If no one is listening, it won’t work.

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Building an audience doesn’t happen as soon as you create a social media account you have to work at it strategically. So Buffer recommends six key things to successfully building an audience, and shows data from what they did to build their audience.

When Social Media Doesn’t Work: DIY PR Strategies for Small Businesses Heading Into the Holiday Season (via @PRNewswire)

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When 59 percent of survey respondents say they aren’t seeing ROI from their social media activities, that’s an indication that there’s something they’re not doing right. So take a look at your social media from the PR side and what you can offer of value that will get you attention. There are four actionable takeaways in this short article, but they can bring a totally different perspective to your social media strategy. 

Can You Write a Better Headline Than This? Not Using Old Headline Formulas You Can’t (via @Kissmetrics)

 A big part of getting your audience—once you have it—to engage is having headlines that make people click.

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Kissmetrics shares their SHINE headline formula, which relies on specificity, helpfulness, immediacy, newsworthiness, and entertainment value for creating engaging headlines.

Keeping It Real: How to Build an Authentic Voice on Social (via @hootsuite)


Since establishing a voice is one of the ways to build an audience (according to the above Buffer article), it’s important to know exactly how to do that. One important tip: Don’t try too hard to be cool. Because that’s just not cool.

I'm a really cool person.gif

How to Improve Your Social Media Management in 30 Days (via @CoSchedule)

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This piece breaks down exactly how to manage your social media time by day, week, and month. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but now you can take all the energy you spend wondering what to do and when to do it and put it into actually doing the things you need to do for your social media. The best thing? This article isn’t theoretical. It breaks everything down into recommended reading, actionable takeaways, and schedules. No more excuses!

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Need more social media tips? Check out these articles: 

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