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March 4, 2016
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5 Things You Need to Read: The SEO Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Unlike flip phones, Myspace, and Mac computers that come in candy-colored hues, SEO is still a thing. It’s actually a really big thing—let’s call it a Thing—and even though it looks different than it did way back when “google” was a word for a big number, it is a Thing you need to know about and a Thing you need to do—or hire someone to do.


Here are some great articles from around the web that will give you more perspective, knowledge, and know-how on that SEO front (soon you'll be as good as these cats).

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Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too (via @Moz)

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“I'm tired of explaining to people SEO doesn't work that way anymore. And I need the rest of you to get on board with me, because we're driving ourselves out of business.”

OK, so this is written for SEO professionals, but there is actually a lot you can learn from this article from Moz—especially if you’re looking for someone to do SEO for you. The biggest takeaway: SEO is search engine optimization, not Google optimization. Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter are all search engines, so it may not be not realistic to ask an SEO professional to get your website on the first page of Google.

How to Improve Your Website With SEO (via @Infusionsoft)

SEO isn't scary—it's just about finding out what people want, then giving it to them!” 

Speaking of Moz, remember when we talked to Moz’s Cyrus Shephard about SEO tools, optimizing for themes instead of keywords, building your website around what people are looking for, and what the heck human-based signals are?

Yeah, it wasn’t that long ago, but he’s got great tips for small businesses that have done some SEO but are looking to step it up. 

100 SEO Tips for Small Business (via

“Get keyword ideas from other people. They (customers, suppliers, partners, friends, etc.) see your business differently to you and may associate different words and phrases with it.”

If you’re looking for a lot of SEO tips, especially for small business, check out this list of 100 tips. These will be especially helpful if you haven’t really started on SEO or given it too much more than a passing thought. There is definitely gold in this extensive list, so give it a read and take what you can use.


Lost in Translation: How to Drive Traffic to Your Website When You Go International (via @Kissmetrics)

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Just like any strategy, driving traffic from foreign markets takes time. It requires a lot of work and research, from the translation of your website to the SEO aspects. To implement your strategy through content and social media, you should take time to build your strategy and brand image.”

Congrats on going international! You might be doing a lot of international business, just a little, or somewhere in between, but if you’re doing any—or want to do any—you’re going to have to convert your international audience. This Kissmetrics post gives excellent advice on how to do drive traffic from foreign markets, including tips for international SEO.

7 Tips for Cross-Cultural Keyword Research (via @semrush)

“Germans call a doughnut a “Berliner,” which baffled JFK when he called himself this fantastic piece of pastry during his famous speech Ich bin ein Berliner in 1963. There are certainly many keywords like this in many languages, which the best speakers with the best counselors cannot identify.”


And while we’re on the topic of international business, you’ll have to expand your keyword research beyond just the English language, as well. (Or whatever your native language is. I’m just using English as an example since this blog is in English.) Check out these tips for research in other languages, including searching for negative keywords, misspellings, and dialects.

Need more SEO tips? We’ve got you covered:

3 Critical SEO Guidelines for Writing Content Like a Superstar

SEO for Your Business: Where to Start

5 Powerful Tips for SEO on a Budget

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