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March 11, 2016
Marketing  |  5 min read

How to Grow Email Sales in 3 Steps

Let me guess: You been in business for couple years and have no problem getting that first sale from a new customer, but you do have a problem getting that second, third, or even fourth sale. Am I right, or even close? If so, I’ll teach you how to keep those customer profiles up to date and how to keep them coming back well after the first sale!

In my years of consulting, the first thing I asked my clients for was access to their vault. 

No, I didn’t mean the wall safe hidden behind a painting; every business owner has some type of a database record on his or her customers.  Whether that’s a stack of invoices with coffee stains all over them, paper receipts lying around, business cards in a fish bowl OR a digital file that includes personal info and email addresses.

What people don’t realize is these customers have practically thrown themselves—and their valuable information—at you and you have not taken the opportunity to capitalize off of it. In this blog post I’ll show you how to gather the pot of gold, polish those coins up and getting ready to make it rain.

Step 1: Find the gold 

You’ll have to chase the end of the rainbow if you’ve been manually writing invoices and have paper receipts lying around. It’s important you get these into a digital format before doing anything else. Some tools I recommend for that are Free OCR and this tool that converts a PDF to an Excel file. 

If you have an e-commerce site or have been generating customers through a series of landing pages, it’s best to gather all those into one csv file. You can do this by exporting each one and copy/pasting them into one Excel file. Make sure the first row includes the right header title for each column. For example first name, last name, company name and email.

*Pro tip: Make sure to go into your LinkedIn account and export all the connections you have made. You can also go into your Facebook and Twitter accounts and grab those contacts also. FullContact will find the email address for you as long as you have those social links.

Step 2: Rinse and polish contacts

You probably haven’t reached out to these customers in quite a while. You may not even have their email addresses. Here are two steps that will polish up your list within minutes.

Go to kickbox and upload your list to verify the email addresses are still in working condition.  The last thing you want is for that email to bounce and have the mail server overlords look at you like a pest.  

Once the contacts are verified, go to and upload your verified list. FullContact will enrich those contacts with additional data. For example, it will put a pretty face to those contacts, populate a company name and even get you phone numbers!  

These two services will not break your bank account; they will in fact save you tons of money and make you look like a baller when you personalize the message

Infusionsoft increase sales email list kavin patel convrrt

Step 3: Load your list to an email broadcaster

Now that you verified your contacts are still alive and you’ve enriched their profile with additional information, its time to interact with them. To do this you will need an automated email marketing software. Let’s say that software is Infusionsoft. 

Take your list in a .csv format and upload it to Infusionsoft. Make sure to give these contacts a proper tag. By tagging them, you are categorizing them so that in the future you can run reports to see which previous customers became repeat customers.

Infusionsoft increase sales email list kavin patel convrrt

Now that you have uploaded your customers to an email broadcasting system, you are ready to make it rain. Stay tuned for my next blog as I teach you how to send personalized messages to your customers for that second, third and fourth sell!

Infusionsoft increase sales email list kavin patel convrrt

Kavin Patel is a co-founder at Convrrt and a inventor of Smart Sites. Smart Sites respond and adapt to what your visitors do and how they behave. Kavin has more than10 years of digital marketing experience and is an expert when it comes to marketing automation. Say hi @omazingk



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