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February 17, 2016
Marketing  |  3 min read

Birthday Reminders: Infusionsoft Free Monthly Campaign

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Andrea Parker
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Who doesn't enjoy getting a little love on their birthday? I know I do! Did you also know that Infusionsoft customers have scheduled over 40,000 happy birthday emails in the past 30 days? Unbelievable, maybe, but they did! How can I make such a bold statement? Its all data driven because we track activity for all free campaigns in the Marketplace, including the Birthday Reminders campaign which has 40,308 emails scheduled in the last 30 days (as of this post's first draft on Nov. 3rd). In order to schedule a happy birthday message, you have to actually know someone's birthday. Having an intentional strategy for collecting and using this information can really "Wow!" your prospects and customers. The Birthday Reminders campaign makes it super easy to send a happy birthday email. However, we've never really given you a solid strategy for capturing this information in the first place. Today is the day we fix that! I'm very excited to unleash a campaign that literally requires no customization, the campaign of the month for November 2014: "Birthday Collection".

Asking for and collecting someone's birthday isn't a super complex idea, which is why this model is pretty straightforward. You can request this information (either manually or automatically) and all the person has to do is fill out a quick little web form with their birthday. If you are also using the Birthday Reminders campaign, upon their submission it will automatically queue up a birthday email too.

Who can use it?

Any Infusionsoft customer can download any campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace. Since providing a wonderful experience should be part of any business' strategy, I'd recommend every customer use it. While it may be more challenging to leverage happy birthday messages in certain industries, both B2B and B2c can create better relationships by sharing a little love on someone's birthday.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, there are a few things to be aware of. First, even though this was designed to fuel the Birthday Reminders campaign, you don't have to use that campaign with this one. If you use the Birthday Collection campaign by itself you will have a list of people tagged with "Birthday Reminders" that have a date on file and you can use that however you want. Second, this campaign was designed to be 100% ready-to-go out of the box. This means you don't have to configure anything to use it. Just install the campaign and publish it. Can you adjust the look of the birthday collection form or the emails? Sure, but you aren't required to. Lastly, this campaign can be started manually or automatically. You can manually apply a note template to kick it off as needed. You can also apply the "Start" tag in some other campaign to fully automate the birthday request. Instructions for both these methods are provided on the campaign canvas.

How do I get it?

Check out the Birthday Collection listing in the Marketplace and download it to your Infusionsoft account. That's it for this month. Please let me know what you think in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled next month where we've got a super simple method to generate referrals so you can charge into 2015!  

Watch the Campaign Overview Video!


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