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January 19, 2016
Marketing  |  6 min read

Video Marketing 101: Using Video to Wow Your Customers

by Brad Jefferson

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at how to use video to attract more customers and to sell products. Today, in the third and final installment of our Video Marketing 101 series, we’ll take a look at how video can be used to wow your current customers so they’ll keep coming back again and again.

What does it mean to really wow your customers? Wowing is creating a customer experience that goes above and beyond, with added value, extra offerings, and incentives for customers to refer you to their friends. There are many types of videos that play into this stage that can help you connect with your customers and stay top of mind. This way, the next time they need a product or service you offer (or one of their friends asks for a recommendation), they’ll turn to you.

Want to start wowing your customers with video? Here are some video types that work well for this.

Promo videos

Promo videos are a great way to continue to generate additional sales and revenue over time by letting customers know about sales and promotions that you have going on. In this video, Beth Forester Photography lets customers know about a holiday portrait event. Video is a great alternative to a text or photo promotion because it not only includes the dates and relevant call to action, but also shows customers a variety of holiday images in a matter of seconds to draw them in.

Seasonal videos

The example above is not only a good example of a promo video, but a seasonal video as well. Seasonal videos are those created around holidays or trends and are a great way to stay on your customers’ radar throughout the year. You can create videos for everything from New Years to Mother’s Day to National Dog Day and everything in between—make a list of events and holidays that are relevant to your business and start planning.

Here’s a fun Valentine video from McCrea’s Candies that shows their caramels being made, and explain why they make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Note the personal touch that they add by telling their own story.




Expertise videos

We took a look at expertise videos in our post on using video to attract new customers, but these types of video aren’t just for lead nurturing. Expertise videos can keep your current customers and followers engaged as well—plus, they’re perfect content for sharing so they’ll give happy customers something to pass along to their friends. Provide insight that your customers will find useful through advanced how-to and thought leadership videos.

Support videos

Finally, just as FAQ videos can be helpful when you’re trying to make that first-time sale, using video throughout the support process can provide an unparalleled customer experience. We took a look at an Infusionsoft FAQ video in our last post. Check out the Infusionsoft Help Center for examples of support videos. 

Tips for success

Here are a few tips for maximizing your success when creating videos to wow your customers:

  • Remember, if you’re looking to wow, you want to give viewers something that will be useful to them, rather than just trying to sell a product. Before you start making a video, ask yourself what your customers are going to get out of the video.
  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Include relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions when posting your videos to YouTube and other sites so that they’ll be more likely to be discovered.

This concludes our Video Marketing 101 series. Now that you’ve learned how you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy to attract leads, sell your product, and wow your customers, you’re ready to get started.


Brad Jefferson-2055 (1).jpeg 

As founding CEO of Animoto, Brad Jefferson leads the charge in driving Animoto’s vision of making it easy for anyone to create powerful, professional video. Today, Animoto’s 10 million-plus users span the globe and create over 1 million Animoto videos every month. The company has 70 employees and has raised $30 million. Prior to co-founding Animoto in 2006, Brad spent eight years with Onyx Software, an enterprise software company, in a variety of consulting, sales, operations and management roles and saw the company grow from a 17-person start-up to an 800-person public company.


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