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January 12, 2016
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Video Marketing 101: Using Video to Sell Your Product

by Brad Jefferson

Last week, in the first installment of our Video Marketing 101 series, we shared some tips on how to attract new customers with video content that showcases your expertise. Today we’re taking a look at how video can be introduced into the second stage of the customer lifestyle and used to help you sell more products.

Selling your product with video

Even if you’re a pro at attracting new leads, getting these leads to move through the stages of the conversion cycle and to become paying customers can be tough.

According to Animoto’s Online and Social Video Marketing Study, 4 in 5 consumers say they find video demos helpful and nearly three-quarters believe videos describing products are important. In other words, consumers find video important and, dare we say, necessary when they are in the process of making a decision about whether or not to buy from you.

By incorporating video content that educates buyers and guides them towards solutions, you can increase the number of deals that you close. There are a few types of videos that work well in this stage.

Company overview, about us, or explainer videos

Videos that share the story of your company, who you are, and what you do—frequently referred to as Company Overview videos, About Us videos, or Explainer videos—are the perfect way to let potential customers get to know you better. More than simple text and photos, video can really allow your personality to show through and builds a sense of trust that will aid in the customer’s decision process.

In this video, from Sweet Potato Soul, vegan chef and master cooking instructor Jenné Claiborne explains what visitors can expect when visiting her website, and reveals her personality through photos and videos at the same time. 

Product videos

You may remember from our post about using video to attract new customers that four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Additionally, Liveclicker’s 2014 Video Commerce Report showed a huge boost in conversion and average order value for brands that use video on product pages. Product videos can be an invaluable asset.

Here’s a nice example from Ryan Greer’s Flux Productions, a small company that produces handmade leather bags and accessories. Greer turns to video to demonstrate the details of his bags in a way that’s more true-to-life than photos.



Flux Productions v4 by Cyndi Knapic


Zappos also includes videos on most of the product pages on their site. When consumers shop online, video can create an experience that’s as close as possible to the in-store experience, allowing customers to get up close and personal with products.

FAQ videos

Video can also be a great way to answer any questions that potential customers might have before they make a purchase. This could include videos showing how to set up or use a specific product or product features, how to update an old product, and more. Are there certain questions that you get a lot? Address them with video.

Here’s an example from Infusionsoft’s own help center

Tips for success

When creating videos designed to sell a product, here are a few things to think about that can help you get the best results:

  • Show some personality. When you bring a bit of yourself to your videos, it not only helps build trust (as potential customers feel like they know you), but also helps you stand out from your competition.
  • Always include a call to action so that viewers know what the next steps are.
  • Create a list of questions you’re frequently asked by customers and make sure to include the answers to these questions in your videos.
  • As always, make sure to include relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions when posting your videos to YouTube and other sites so that they’ll be more likely to be discovered.

In the next and final part of our Video Marketing 101 series, we’ll take a look at how to wow current customers with video. Click here for part one of the series.


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As founding CEO of Animoto, Brad Jefferson leads the charge in driving Animoto’s vision of making it easy for anyone to create powerful, professional video. Today, Animoto’s 10 million-plus users span the globe and create over 1 million Animoto videos every month. The company has 70 employees and has raised $30 million. Prior to co-founding Animoto in 2006, Brad spent eight years with Onyx Software, an enterprise software company, in a variety of consulting, sales, operations and management roles and saw the company grow from a 17-person start-up to an 800-person public company.


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