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December 16, 2016
Digital Marketing  |  4 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Most Popular Posts within the 2016 Edition

In 2016, Knowledge Center readers wanted to know what new federal overtime rules would mean for their businesses and whether they should attempt the latest guerrilla marketing stunt (Are flash mobs over yet?)


They also looked for guidance on the core strategies for growing their businesses, like ways to promote their websites, attract more leads, and respond to the inevitable customer complaints.

As the year winds down, we rounded up the five articles that our readers found most click-worthy this year. Here are our five most popular blog posts from 2016.

1. 5 Ways to Use Ads to Promote Your Website Redesign for a Quick Win

Maybe you have a new year’s resolution to make your website look more 2017 than 2007. If you’re redesigning your website next year, you’ll want people to, you know, look at it. Redesigning a website is a massive undertaking that deserves a little promotion. This article outlines five ways to show off your new site via email, organic and paid social media posts, Google AdWords, and even offline channels.


2. The Basics of Responding to Customer Complaints

Every business always has—and always will—receive customer complaints from time to time. The problem now is that customers may never actually talk to you. Instead, they rant on Yelp, Facebook, or any number of online forums, potentially damaging your reputation with other customers along the way. This article covers ways to proactively find and handle complaints, communicate with unhappy customers more effectively, and ultimately refocus the complaint on a solution.


3. How to Create Lead Magnets: A Step-by-Step Guide

The first step to attracting new leads: Offer them something attractive. A lead magnet, like a discount or valuable piece of content, incentivizes leads to provide their contact information. This post walks you through each step of creating a content piece to serve as a lead magnet, from identifying your target market to brainstorming ideas, to designing and assembling your piece.

4. Cost-Effective Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Small Business

A national brand can spend a small business annual marketing budget in a single day of TV commercials. But other marketing strategies rely more on creativity and energy than money. This article explores guerrilla marketing, the idea of using nontraditional tactics to disrupt the marketing landscape and capture attention. Yarn bomb, anyone?


5. The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Obama’s Overtime Rules

It’s no surprise this article ranked among our most popular of 2016: The Obama administration’s plan to expand eligibility for overtime pay has been controversial all year—up to the days before the new rules were to take effect on Dec. 1. On Nov. 22, a federal judge blocked the implementation of the rules, which would have doubled the threshold at which workers qualify for overtime pay. While the rules remain in jeopardy, read this article to see how overtime pay changes could affect your business.

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