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March 9, 2016
Marketing  |  3 min read

Small Business Marketing Solutions: Appealing to Tablet Users

By Herb Jackman

Now that Apple is nearing the six-year anniversary of its original iPhone's inception, a device that started the smartphone craze worldwide, it's pretty safe to say most small business owners understand how customers stay connected via cellphone.

For starters, it creates small business marketing solutions by making it a heck of a lot easier for businesses to send successful email marketing campaigns, as more people have access to email when they're on the go. And speaking of being on the go, smartphones enable people to search the web and visit a business' website, then connect the dots and call that same business with the tap of a touchscreen.

In short, there is a reason for all the fuss about small business owners marketing to smartphone-toting customers. But have small business owners stopped to consider the effect the latest tablet craze is having on their web marketing campaign and online presence? Ever since Apple's iPad burst onto the scene in 2010 and was quickly met with competition from a bevy of tech companies, tablets have been a big deal. Small business owners and marketers alike are definitely taking note.

The impact of tablet users on a small business' website

Believe it or not, not all web consumers may be created equally. According to Adobe Digital Marketing Insights Report, which tracked more than 16 billion visits to more than 150 online retailers, tablet visitors were superior customers.

What do we mean when we say superior customers? For starters, tablet visitors spent 50 percent more per purchase than smartphone visitors. Although you may initially believe this is because the larger screen, it may not be the case: Tablet visitors also spent 20 percent more than traditional PC visitors. As if businesses could want to attract tablet visitors any more, the report also revealed that tablet users are three times more likely to make a purchase than smartphone visitors; though, they are pretty much on par with traditional PC users.

Wait, the good news doesn't end here?

Nope. Tablet visitors are also more likely to respond to promotions, especially around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush. Although it's not exactly clear why these users are so all-around awesome and wonderful, it is expected that it's because tablet users are part of a more affluent demographic and are able to shop in comfortable clothing whilst sitting on the couch, in front of their favorite TV show and away from the office.

A few tablet marketing tips

Although many small business owners have made significant strides in ensuring their website is readable and looks professional on a several-inch smartphone screen, it may be time to change strategies. Instead of putting so much focus on smartphone-toting customers, how about marketing toward the tablet crowd? This isn't to say that the smartphone crowd should be discounted entirely; in fact, they are more likely to visit brick and mortar businesses after doing some initial research online.

However, small business owners may want to take a good, hard look at their tablet marketing plans to ensure customer experiences are extra engaging for the iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire users spanning the globe. Designing marketing promotions, websites and e-commerce platforms to reflect the changing scope and attract more tablet users could prove to be helpful and lucrative for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for ways to up their marketing game.

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