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March 9, 2017
Digital Marketing  |  2 min read

Marketing to Millennials: Making Sense of a Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Ben Snedeker

If you’re ever wondering about how millennials are perceived by everyone else, take a second to do this little trick. Type the phrase “millennials are” into Google and take note of what autofills in suggested search. The suggested search function is based on popular searches across the internet. You’ll get things like:

  • Millennials are lazy
  • Millennials are entitled
  • Millennials are lazy and entitled
  • Millennials are the worst

Sounds like a lot of Gen Exers have been using Google to vent.

There’s a reason that an entire generation has this reputation. And, hint, it’s not because they’re lazy and/or entitled. It has a lot to do with this little factoid: they’re the first generation to grow up with the internet. Think that’s no big deal? Think again.

Half of millennials have no memory of a world without Amazon. The generation that has been criticized for being “entitled” is also the one that grew up with the internet’s promise of instant gratification. On top of that, they’ve been the earliest adopters of shiny new tech, so it should be no surprise they’re comfortable with disruptive innovation.

Millennials are becoming key consumers, business owners, professionals, even policy makers, and they’re spending more than $200 billion every year. If you intend to earn their business, you’ve got to understand them.

Check out the infographic below (or download it) to start making sense of the millennial generation.



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