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March 14, 2016
Marketing  |  10 min read

How to Outsource Your Video Marketing Needs

by Grant Lingel

It’s no secret—video is going to play a major role in the future of content marketing. Video engages audiences and is easy to share. What’s more important? It is the most efficient way of telling a story.

But, how do you get started?

Simply picking up the camera and shooting will do nothing but spin you in circles as you try to find the right angle. Most people don’t realize how many steps must go into the process. Proper planning is crucial when it comes to producing a video that will be well received by your audience. 

The real struggle begins with the realization that your team isn’t fit to do the best job possible, both in terms of equipment and experience. Luckily, now is the best time in history to outsource the job thanks to advances in technologies and a steep drop in production costs.

Producing a marketing video or commercial used to cost a fortune and involve a large team. Now, professional marketing videos can be done for a fraction of the price by a small team on tight deadlines. 

Welcome to the world of video outsourcing. 

The brainstorming process

Sure, you might not have the right experience to produce a video, but you definitely know a lot more about your product and audience than everyone else.

Before you even think about outsourcing your video, you must figure out exactly what your message is first.

You don’t need to write the entire script to outsource your video production team, but you should do your homework so you can relay your wants and, most importantly, your audience’s needs.

Your audience comes first. Never forget that. When it’s time to throw around ideas with your team, make sure you list all of the pain points your audience is experiencing. This is what you need to address. Sure, a cute and silly video might be shareable, but it won’t bring value to your customers. Value comes in the form of answering their questions. 

The tentative script

Outline the main points that you want to present. 

You don’t need to worry about dialogue or exact details just yet. This will come once you find the right team to outsource your video production needs. The dialogue or voice over will also change throughout the production process, so worrying about it early on will only make you lose focus on establishing the main points.

With video, less is more. People don’t have time to watch a 10-minute marketing video and will click away once they see a longer length.

Yoav Hornung, award-winning filmmaker and CEO of the video production marketplace Veed.me, said that “we are in an era in which attention spans are getting shorter as we’re flooded with all sorts of content; text ads, Buzzfeed lists, photos, banners and more videos.” Because of this, videos should be “as short as possible.” 

Just because video is hot right now—and will only get hotter—doesn’t mean you have to hire in-house videographers or demand that your content team learn how to edit.

Reaching out for help

There are plenty of great companies out there that will produce high-quality videos for you at the fraction of what they used to cost.

Veed.me lets you choose your videographer based on your specific needs. You can choose based on industry, budget, or video type. Once you find the right person to work with you will be able to connect with them directly to plan everything. Their platform is easy to use and offers a great selection of professional videographers that will help turn your ideas into beautiful videos.

Videopixie is another great option if you are interested in outsourcing video for your content marketing strategy. Instead of browsing through their database, their videographers will bid on your project. This way, you can choose based on the qualifications and cost of each interested videographer.

Working with trusted sites like these can leave you with the peace of mind that your video will be produced quickly and professionally.

You will be able to communicate with the team directly, making sure that all of your ideas are heard and that they are on track to produce a video tailored to your audience.

Working hand-in-hand

Once you choose the right site and ideal creators for your project, get ready to work.

Obviously, the production aspects will be in the hands of the pros, but you need to be the voice that leads them down the right path.

The videographers and editors will look to you for direction. Nobody knows your audience like you and the more information you provide those responsible for your video, the more targeted it will be.

Depending on the service you use, there is the chance that you won’t be there on the shoot or for the editing process. You can request that your videographers keep you posted on a daily basis with the progress made.

Some folks that outsource their video needs send the idea and leave everything in the hands of the professional. They will simply put their idea out there and wait for the final deliverable. While this might work with some kinds of marketing videos, it is advised to be as involved as your time allows. A creative project with no surprises is the best way to go.

The icing on the cake 

Your video is beautiful. The cinematography is striking, and the editing left the visual message crystal clear. But whose voice is going to represent your brand?

Using an in-house voice over is never recommended. High-quality audio is just as important in the video production process as the imagery and editing. You need a voice that will speak to your target audience and drive the message loud and clear. If you are targeting senior citizens, the voice of a teenager will probably leave your viewers scratching their heads.

When you are marketing a certain product of service, the voice needs to match your brand. A professional voice over for marketing videos makes your message strong and engages your audience. Not only does the voice actor have the experience necessary to know how to read your script, but they have the equipment necessary to provide the best audio possible.

The future of content marketing

Outsourcing your video needs should be an enjoyable process so do your research. Companies that work with freelance videographers let you browse their database so you can view samples of their past work and reviews from previous clients. Never skimp on these details.

Jumping the gun and hiring someone just based on a lower price will more likely than not end up costing you more in the long run. It will cost you in time wasted, headaches, and potentially having to do the whole project over when the video comes in full of unfortunate surprises. 

Syndacast predicts that video will account for 74 percent of all Internet traffic by 2017.

More and more marketers are adding video to their strategies. They realize that their competitors have succeeded with video campaigns and that the future of content marketing is video.

Content marketing expert Gerry Moran stated that “brands who understand the potential impact of video can build solutions for the big content equations—finding a way to connect with their customers and differentiate from their competitors!”

This all comes back to the idea that telling stories is the best way to engage your customers.

Imagine Company A and Company B are trying to sell the same product. Company A paints a beautiful picture in their video, telling a story about a character that relates to their audience. Company B updates their blog with a poorly researched article that doesn’t focus on the right keywords and lacks a story. Where do you think the customer will purchase?

The average person is looking to feel more from their experience with a company. The world is a lot different than it was just a couple of generations ago. People have more choices than they know what to do with, and making the right decision can be complicated.

For the average consumer, weighing all of the different options out there can be a tedious effort. Companies now need to figure out better ways to win over their customers and attract new clients, and this is done with telling the best story.

While producing fantastic written content is a vital part of your content marketing strategy and should always be used, adding well-produced videos that focus on telling engaging stories should be added to your repertoire.

Nobody knows what the future will actually bring to content marketing, but the experts are all pointing to video. And with more platforms becoming available and improved technology becoming more affordable, small businesses and startups will be able to include video in their content marketing strategies without having to abuse their wallets in the process.


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Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Grant now lives in Brazil where he owns a hostel and works as the Content Manager of Bunny Inc., creators of VoiceBunny and ArticleBunny. Before Brazil, he was working in the travel industry as a freelance writer, consultant, and promoter for over a decade and has visited dozens of countries across five continents on assignment.

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