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March 3, 2017
Digital Marketing  |  7 min read

3 Pop-up Tools for Capturing Leads

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Shaun Whynacht

You’ve built a killer lead magnet that will provide exceptional value to your audience, you have a rock solid campaign in place in your marketing automation software (like Infusionsoft), now what?

It’s time to open up the floodgates and start capturing those leads, but how exactly are you going to achieve this?

One of the best ways is through a lead capture form on your website. But what do you do if a static embedded form or landing page just isn’t cutting it? It’s time to make your offer “pop”...literally!

I’m going to share three pop-up tools that I’ve personally used and implemented for my clients. These tools are a breeze to work with and provide great functionality without breaking the bank.

I know what you’re probably saying, “Don’t people hate pop-ups?”

What I’d say to that is people do hate “annoying” pop-ups, those that are out of context and don’t provide value at the time they are experienced. Using the tools below you’ll be able to configure where and when these pop-ups appear, to whom, and with the styles you’d like. You will also have timed, automated pop-ups, as well as manually triggered ones. Basically, you’re in control.

Here are the three:


OptinMonster has been around for quite some time. I remember using their service several years ago when I first became an Infusionsoft customer. Even back then their solution provided a need for someone who didn’t have the ability to create a pop-up on their current website.  


Fast forward to the present day, and they have really upped their game to allow you the option of many more features including drag and drop building, graphics controls, triggers based on time of day, engagement with other offers, delayed timing for appearance, and more.

who should see the campaign.png

One of the features I really like about OptinMonster is having pop-ups, slide-ins, and inline content offers specific to specific referral traffic. For example, if you have a specific offer focused on those who are socially active, you can have that offer appear to people who come to your website direct from Facebook. Anyone coming from search or direct will not see that offer unless they clicked on a link from a Facebook post.

Pricing for OptinMonster is based on a monthly model, starting at $9/month.


Leadpages is a solution well known for their landing pages, however, one under-utilized feature I have come to love with their platform is their leadboxes feature. When you create a Leadpages landing page the call to action usually triggers a pop-up to occur for you to fill in your information. This is called a leadbox.  

Knowing that this pop-up is a great solution for many small businesses they allowed you to create just the leadbox and then link it to your website to either a text link or a button image. This now enables you to create multiple passive opt-in opportunities across your own website, pushing your leads through Leadpages into your website.


My recommendation is that if you have no need for a system to create landing pages, and just want a passive pop-up option, Leadpages would be more than you would need.

Leadpages is always developing new functions to their site including a very intuitive drag and drop landing page builder.

Leadpages starts at $25/month if paid annually.

Convert Plug

Dubbed as the world’s easiest popup plugin, Convert Plug provides users a feature rich plugin for their WordPress site to capture leads through pop-ups, full-screen overlays, info bars, slide-ins, and inline content opt-ins. Features allow you pre-made templates and full customization with CSS, Google Fonts, color selections, and over 80 entry and exit animations.

convert plug.png

I chose this plugin for my own personal website is because it’s a single purchase of $21 to obtain, and it allows me a lot of the great features the other solutions offer at a fraction of the cost.  

The analytics side of Convert Plug is very easy to modify and gives you a visual reference of how your options are doing on your website.

modal analytics.png

Of the three solutions I’ve mentioned above, Convert Plug has the steeper learning curve for figuring out how to integrate it with Infusionsoft and build the pop-ups. While it’s not hard, it’s different from the other easier monthly paid options.

There are many other solutions out there that I could review, I chose these three because I have first-hand experience with each of them.  

Other pop-up capture options that integrate with Infusionsoft are:

In closing my word of advice is that you think about the user experience and don’t have multiple pop-ups planned to overlap on your website. Test your site on mobile and see if the pop-ups you put in place hinder or enhance the user experience.  

Pop-ups that don’t allow for easy exit will result in higher site bounce rates, which is never a good thing.

Remember to test your pop-ups on different browsers and once you roll out your pop-up on your site, review the site google stats to see if the bounces go up or down, the opt-ins increase, and if your traffic seems more engaged. If either of these are of a negative result, your problem may be either in the messaging of the pop-up, its timing, or its placement.

Happy poppin’!

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Shaun Whynacht is the founder of Blue Cow Creative in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. His company has grown by leaps and bounds since he put the creative cow in the pasture. Working closely with their clients in Canada and the US to develop tools for marketing and promoting their businesses. Whether it's been developing engaging video productions or fully integrated digital marketing plans, Shaun is tapped into what's current in the digital space. As a father, Shaun enjoys the work/life harmony that being an entrepreneur has to offer. Shaun is not only a certified digital marketing consultant but also a licensed display fireworks and pyrotechnician (another passion of his).

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