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March 8, 2016
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Taking Marketing Tips from a Proven Blog Strategy

by Jessica Maes

I have learned to use blogs as a great marketing tool for my business, but once upon a time I was a haphazard blogger. I liked the idea of blogging. I started blogging with drive and enthusiasm and then I would stall, then I would stop, then I would start over with renewed enthusiasm and the cycle would begin again. Sound familiar? When I was living in this blogging cycle, it was pretty pointless. Without consistent posting habits, I never grew an audience. If you’re seeking results, want to be found online, generate interest in your information and if you want blogging to be a legitimate part of your marketing plan, haphazard blogging is not going to get you there. Recently, I conducted a blogging experiment: I published updates to my blog daily to see what would happen if I simply committed to consistency. I sat down with a monthly calendar and planned out topics and a publishing schedule, and then I started writing and scheduling my posts. By just the second week of my plan, I had all of the month’s posts written and scheduled and I waited to measure the results. What happened was pretty remarkable. In the first month, I posted 16 times to my blog. Here are the analytics:


In the second month, I posted 22 times. Here are the analytics:


Visits to the blog increased by 129 percent. This is remarkable because I didn’t spend a dime or do anything different except increase my posting frequency and consistently let people know when there was a new post on the blog. I am continuing this consistent posting schedule and the analytics for the third month are on pace to surpass the second month.

Here are tips for creating your own winning blog strategy:

Commit to a consistency

There is nothing worse than stale marketing. It doesn’t matter how compelling the content is if your last blog post is several weeks, months or (gasp) years old, this is all people see—and they are probably never going to come back. Create an editorial calendar for your posts. The easiest way to succeed with a consistent publishing plan is to create a schedule. Use a paper calendar or consider creating an editorial calendar using Google Calendars. 

Write informative posts that help others

You are positioning yourself as an expert in your industry with your business blog. Focus on creating content that helps and motivates your audience—for free—rather than trying to sell your stuff left and right via your posts. Ideas for content will be based on what you can teach your audience.

Get the word out about your resource

Every time you post to your blog, make sure everyone knows it. You can manually post to your social media accounts or set up a plugin that automatically posts blog updates to your social media accounts. I also offer “blog updates via email”. People sign up to receive an email from me every time I publish a new post. I make this happen using a combination of the “RSS to Email” product from Marketing Mavens and my Infusionsoft application.

Measure results

Results not only lead to good things in your business, they are addicting (in a good way) and will keep you going on your path to sharing consistent content with your audience for months and years to come. Google Analytics is a must and if your blog is on WordPress, add the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin to your set up. You will also want to review how many people are viewing your blog links in your Facebook posts. You will discover that some topics draw more of an audience and you will want to blog more and more about those topics in the future. There is no downside to blogging for your business. You will generate traffic to your website, build an audience that looks forward to your posts and you will eventually turn some of this traffic into prospects, customers and raving fans that will spread the word about you and your services to those that need to know about them. Happy blogging!

Jessica Maes is the owner of Maes Consulting. As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant she is committed to working with customers in the areas of coaching, consulting, and training. She is also committed to helping all small businesses learn and implement the Lifecycle Marketing model to achieve a fully developed marketing strategy for their business. Connect with Jessica on Facebook and Twitter.    

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