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June 1, 2017
Content Marketing  |  9 min read

How to Find Purpose in Repurposing Your Content

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Jenna Scaglione

Imagine you are up to your eyeballs in blog creation, email queuing, social posting, and content scheduling, yet your business bank account is showing paltry profits, if any at all.

Do you really have to imagine this? Or is this actually your current reality?

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   I can't stop publishing content! When does the money start rolling in?

If this is you, you are not alone. It’s difficult to establish an ROI for content and only 41 percent of marketers say they achieve a positive ROI from their content marketing efforts.   

If you aren’t getting the ROI you expect from your content, but you have already published so much blog content that you lost count, there is one strategy you can try that will allow you to slow down your time and money investment without slowing down your content production.

Enter content re-purposing

It’s time to start using the content you have already invested time and money into creating, and squeeze as much profit potential out of it as you can. Re-purposing your content allows you to refresh older content for a newer audience, saving you time and money in the process because you are not creating as much new content. Work smarter, not harder.

You could have jewels buried in the depths of your blog. Dig them up, polish them off, and revive them for your audience who may have never seen them or has likely forgotten about them.

Here are three ways you can re-purpose your existing content:

1. Restore them to their former glory…and better

It may cost you $25,000 to restore a 1954 Cadillac to its heart-stirring former glory, but restoring blog posts only requires a little brain power and about an hour of your time. And you will be making them better.

more blog posts are coming.png

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Start by gathering your best-performing past posts that focus on a related topic and refresh them with a few updates to make them more appealing to your current audience.

You can:

  • Add updated images and screenshots
  • Remove old examples, outdated sites, and refresh with modern examples
  • Update any time-specific content (make them evergreen)
  • Remove outdated strategies
  • Add new, current strategies
  • Refresh the style—Your brand has likely changed over the years. Refresh your older posts to reflect your updated brand personality and style.

Once you restore at least three to five posts, get them in front of new eye by creating one new blog post where you link to all of the restored pieces. To execute this successfully and ensure topic alignment, come up with the main topic for the new post first before you restore the older posts.

2. Transform your blogs into highly shareable infographics

Infographics are highly shareable, especially on sites like Pinterest and they reach 54 percent more readers than blog posts.

Take some of your highest-performing blog posts and hire a designer to create an infographic for each. The content is already there in your post; simply re-work it and pare it down into smaller segments so it will fit nicely on an infographic.

If you are strapped for cash, use an infographic maker like Venngage where you can create infographics yourself and use their professionally-designed templates.

[related] https://learn.infusionsoft.com/marketing/content-marketing/infographic-marketing-the-whys-and-hows/ [/related]

Share your infographic on Pinterest or on resource sites such as Amazing Infographics or Daily Infographic. Include the source code in the blog post so people can easily share your infographic. You can see how Venngage does this here:


3. Create lead-generating content upgrades

If you really want to ramp things up, re-purpose your blog posts into lead-generating content by creating a blog content upgrade. Compile several older blog posts into a separate content piece you can offer as an upgrade.

A content upgrade is free content you provide to your blog readers that enhances the blog post. Provide it via download when the reader opts in to your list so you can snag a lead.

Place a call-to-action within your more recent blog posts and link to that content upgrade. Just make sure the topic of the blog is related to the content upgrade so accessing it will be an easy and logical decision for readers.

For example, let’s say you have a few older blog posts related to increasing social media engagement on popular sites like Twitter and Facebook. Compile these posts into another piece of content like a checklist, resource list, or quickstart guide. Call it something like this: “The Savvy Business’ Quickstart Guide to Increasing Traffic and Engagement on Facebook and Twitter.”

Search for newer blog posts that are related to social media traffic and engagement and add a link to access this content upgrade in those posts.

Below, you can see how Foundr creates content upgrades related to their blogs. In this Instagram-focused post, the brand created a call-to-action for users to get an Instagram cheat sheet, a  logical upgrade for people who are interested in the post:

get the instagram cheat sheet.png

When clicked, the button generates a pop-up:

foundr instagram popup.png

The calls-to-action can either generate a pop-up that prompts users to enter their name and email, or they can link to a separate landing page.

Here is another call to action inside a blog post that leads to a content upgrade. This call-to-action from the Digital Marketer blog has more design elements and text surrounding it.

 traffic plan offer.png

It also links to a separate landing page:

digital marketer.png

An advantage of using a pop-up is that users don’t have to leave the blog to access the upgrade if they want to continue reading the post; it’s a less distracting option. The disadvantage is that there is more room to add content to a landing page which may help increase conversions.


There you have it—three simple and creative ways to leverage your existing content. Make your content work overtime. Re-purpose it and bring it back to life, and allow it to bring you more traffic and leads from a fresh, new audience.

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Jenna Scaglione is one of Media Shower's content marketing and blogging experts. She's also the force behind Lady Content, a professional blogging service for busy entrepreneurs and businesses. 

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