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September 23, 2016
Marketing  |  5 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Interactive Content Edition (For the Win!)

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Ben Snedeker

We internet users love to have fun. We play games on our phones when we’re waiting at the dentist’s office. We use SnapChat filters to puppify our face. We totally fall for Buzzfeed quizzes that tell us things like, “Which Stranger Things Character Are You Actually?”. 


(We all have a little Barb in us.) 

And if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we want to have fun even when we’re at the office. We like to whistle while we work, as one prominent Disney character aptly put it. As we use the internet to find solutions to our problems, we love to explore content that has a fun, gamified, or interactive quality to it.

Why does this matter to you? Because interactive content can help you achieve your marketing goals—in a big way. Check this out: 81 percent of marketers surveyed agree that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content. And interactive content tends to have higher engagement rates, as well. 

There’s a wide range of content that can be called “interactive.” Things like, quizzes, calculators, live chats, heat maps, surveys, and much more. Some interactive content can come off as light hearted fun, or it can be a serious educational tool for helping a lead make a buying decision, like a home value calculator, or readiness assessment.

This week, we’ve rounded up some articles to show you some of the potential awesomeness that interactive content can provide.

Here's How Interactive Content is Growth-Hacking Brands' Storytelling Abilities (via @Forbes)

This article is an excellent primer into how (and even more importantly, why) brands are using interactive content. From the article: “When you transport readers from passively absorbing content to actively engage in an interactive experience– your site becomes hospitable, it welcomes them to get comfortable and stay for a while longer. The longer a reader stays on your site, the chances are greater that they will share their information, subscribe to your site and keep on coming back for more.”

The Evolution of Interactive Video: A Chat with HapYak (via @Wistia)

Interactive video is one of those super-hot marketing trends that everyone seems to be talking about.


Whether you allow your users to interact in a “choose-your-own-adventure” style, or you create a 3D movie environment that users can explore, like Mini did. Interactive video is all the rage. This article gives you the opportunity to dive in and find out how you can get on board.

How To Get High-Quality Leads By Gamifying Your Referral Marketing Strategy (via @smashingmag)

If you’ve not yet heard about—or you’ve just been ignoring—the concept of gamification, here’s what it means: turn a dull thing into a game by making a way for users to earn points for interaction and win prizes for points. 


Believe it or not, you can gamify your referrals to give people a fun way to interact with, and advocate for, your brand.

Diverse And Engaging Instances Of Interactive Infographic Design (via @influitive)

Once you’ve seen an interactive infographic, there’s a good chance you won’t want to settle for a plain static one ever again.

david bowie not impressed.gif

Infographics have always had big appeal with audiences, but add the power of interaction, and your audience will hardly be able to look away.

10 Actionable Tips to Craft a Killer Quiz (via @CMIContent)

There’s just something about online quizzes that the internet can’t get enough of. While some are just fun little time wasters, they actually can be very powerful tools that you can use for your marketing strategy. This post looks at what it takes to craft a killer quiz.

BONUS: Check out this post on How to Use Quizzes to Score and Qualify Your Leads.

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