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June 27, 2017
Content Marketing  |  8 min read

4 Tips to Choose Topics that Make for a Good Webinar

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Pratik Dholakiya

Webinars have proven to be an effective way to generate quality leads for many marketers. In fact, about 60 percent of marketers use webinars as part of their content marketing programs, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America.

However creating an effective webinar requires a lot more planning and hard work than writing a blog or an article. For a webinar to be productive, marketers need to interact with the target audience beforehand and create buzz about it. According to the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report, almost 17 percent of registrants sign up more than 15 days before the live webinar and about 29 percent register on the day of the event. Moreover, webinars hosted on Wednesdays (30 percent) and Thursdays (25 percent) prove to be the most successful.

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One more thing that marketers need to be careful about is the appearance of the slide deck. In order to keep the audience engaged and prevent them from leaving the webinar, marketers must create image-heavy slides that are related and relevant to the topic of discussion.

Some other factors to consider are:

  • The sound quality
  • Choosing the right speakers
  • Choosing the right physical location for your webinar

However, the most important factor to consider is the topic of the webinar. While the content is vital for its success, the topic creates the initial buzz. So choosing an impactful webinar topic is crucial. This post will help you choose the best webinar topics to ensure greater exposure, higher registration, and maximum attendance.

Tips to choose the right webinar topic

Webinars serve a lot of purposes. From marketing your business to training your employees, webinars can be helpful in several ways. However, marketers often struggle to come up with the most effective topics. To get started, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the most frequently asked questions from your target audience?

What is your niche and what are you good at?

What will you be able to teach or offer within a time span of 30 to 60 minutes?

When creating a webinar, it is best to choose one topic and delve deep into it rather than talk about too many topics in a shallow manner (without offering insights). When your audience leaves the webinar, they should feel that they are walking out with some really helpful and valuable information. Only then, can you expect them to come back to you and ask for more.

In order to get amazing topic ideas for your next webinar, here is what you need to do:

1. Look at the content you’ve already produced

One mistake that marketers often make is that they try to come up with a new idea for each session. Instead, repurposing the content you’ve already produced can take you a long way. Look at the blog posts, articles and social media posts that have received a lot of attention (shares or views). You will get to know about the topics that your target audience is most interested in. Going deep into the topic and providing the latest in-depth insights will help you engage your audience further. Posts that have received the most number of comments can also be considered.

You can use Google Analytics or Buzzsumo.com to find out the most popular content. You must choose posts that offer a high level of engagement, rather than those that attract attention but fail to engage readers.

2. Seek help from the support team

Personnel in the support team spend their day helping people with various problems. Ask the team about the most common problems that are reported. The support team can also help you identify areas that still haven’t been addressed. If you are able to address such a problem in your webinar, then you can be assured of an overwhelming response.

Remember, webinars need to revolve around topics that people love or want to know about. It is not about what you want to talk about or tell people. So, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand their problems to come up with the best topics.

3. Ask for recommendations from real people  

Asking potential attendees about what they want to hear or know about is one of the best ways to come up with the most captivating topic. If you have a couple of ideas in mind but aren’t sure which one will engage listeners the most, you can create a poll and ask people to vote. The topic with the maximum votes can be the topic for your next webinar. You can also ask for suggestions and recommendations from potential attendees and then choose a topic that you have a stronghold over.

Another way you can get ideas about your next webinar is by talking to industry influencers. They possess great knowledge about the industry and have a huge following, so they understand people better. By talking to an influencer, you can come up with innovative and creative ideas.

4. Look around

Attend various webinars in your industry and see what others are talking about. You may have a different take on the topics people are already talking about. You may also find ideas from a competitor’s webinar topic that might be a little off-base or has failed to provide value. You can take up the same topic, revamp it and ensure that it is helpful to your audience. Look for topics that your competitors are still not talking about. Be the first to answer questions and attract all the attention.

However, you may have to invest a lot of time and effort in answering these questions, since enough information might not be readily available. Talk to thought leaders and influencers to gather the required information and host the most impactful webinar.

Once you have come up with a topic, ask yourself:

  • Would you have attended the webinar if you were the customer?
  • Will the webinar really help in solving a problem?
  • Will the webinar offer real value?

Be true to yourself and answer the questions without bias. If the answers to these questions is “Yes,” then go ahead with the chosen topic. Otherwise, keep looking for a better one.


Some webinar topics are easy to market and talk about, but they may not help you attract the kind of attention you desire. It is, therefore, best to put in extra effort and find out topics that will offer real value to your audience. Use the above tips to come up with unique and innovative topics for your next webinar.

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Pratik Dholakiya is the co-founder of E2M, a full-service digital marketing agency and PRmention, a digital PR agency. He regularly speaks at various conferences about SEO, content marketing, growth hacking, entrepreneurship, and digital PR. Pratik has spoken at NextBigWhat's UnPluggd, IIT-Bombay, SMX Israel, and other major events across Asia. As a passionate marketer, he shares his thoughts and knowledge on publications like Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, The Next Web, and the Huffington Post to name a few. He has been named one of the top content marketing influencers by Onalytica three years in a row.

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