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February 8, 2017
Content Marketing  |  10 min read

10 Strategies to Make Your Most Popular Blog Posts Work Even Harder on Your Behalf!

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Syed Balkhi

Content marketing is all about writing the best content and then letting that content work to bring value to your brand. Good content can increase your brand visibility, strengthen your brand reputation, funnel more traffic to your website, and encourage more web visitors to convert and engage with your brand.

The problem is that most businesses write a blog post, promote it once or twice, and then let it sit to die in their blog’s archive pages. But what if I told you that your top-performing blog posts could yield even greater value for your brand?

In this article, I will share 10 proven strategies to make your existing blog posts work even harder for you.

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But before we get to that, you first need to identify your top blog posts.

How to find your top performing blog posts

In most cases, 90 percent of your website traffic comes to 10 percent of the top pages on your website. You can identify these blog posts and pages by going to your Google Analytics account.

Log in to your property and click on the Behavior item on the left menu.

From there you need to drill down to Site Content > Landing Pages.

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You will be able to see your top landing pages on the site.

Now that you have identified your top blog posts, you’re ready for the next step.

Making your blog posts work harder for you

1. Include an opt-in form

The first step is a simple one, include some kind of opt-in form in your most popular posts. It’s good to have an opt-in form on all your individual blog posts, but an extra call out on your most popular pages can give your signup rates an additional boost.

At OptinMonster, we find that adding an exit-intent pop-up to your most popular blog posts can double the signups to your email list.

This makes sense because it gives your email list a higher degree of relevance, and of course, increased volume.

2. Offer content upgrades

Blog posts are short and digestible, so if your users like one post in particular, they’ll probably be hungry for even more material. Why not give it to them?

Produce a “premium” piece, such as an extended case study, a whitepaper, or a full-fledged e-book, then offer it as a download for users who access your most popular material. You can offer it in exchange for email signups, or sell it for a few dollars per download, depending on your goals.

Content upgrades can significantly boost your lead generation efforts. Brian Dean used this strategy and saw an increase of over 785 percent to his conversions.

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3. Syndicate your content on other channels 

It’s no secret that social media can increase the reach of your brand, but have you used it to showcase your best content work? 

You’re probably already in the habit of publishing your newest blog posts on your most popular, active social media channels, but for your most popular pieces, you need to go a little further.

My advice is to syndicate the piece regularly, under different titles and at different times of the day, to maximize your potential audience reach. Then, identify new channels and syndicate your work there as well. 

We use a combination of Buffer and BulkBuffer to automate this process in our social sharing strategy.

4. Cite your post on major offsite authorities

You know your most popular piece makes a good impression on new users, so try and direct more users to land on that piece.

When you’re writing up guest posts on offsite authorities, or are simply responding in a discussion thread on another site, cite your landmark article as a reference for your position. 

It will pass page authority to your article and funnel additional traffic there, further increasing the visibility and authority of your piece.

5. Write a “sequel” or follow-up piece

If you’re proud of a piece’s performance and there’s room for expansion, consider turning it into a series!

Start with a sequel or follow-up piece, such as a more detailed look into one of your general insights or a retroactive observation to see if your predictions panned out.

Anyone who read and loved the first piece will surely love the second—and you’ll probably attract new readers along the way.

6. Learn insights for your future work

Chances are, you’ve already got an editorial calendar in place. Take a look at the type of content you produced, and try to isolate the factors responsible for making it so successful. 

Are there any insights you can apply to your current lineup of new posts? Can you adjust the topics to fall in line with your audience expectations or tweak the formats you offer to mirror your most successful materials?

7. Reimagine your article in another medium or format

Let’s say you’ve got a long-form written post that’s attracting tons of links, shares, visitors, and subscribers. What if you could reimagine this piece in different formats to cater to different audience demographics?

For example, you could condense your points into a single video. We have been doing this on our List25 blog since 2011, and it has not only allowed us to grow our blog but also amass a large following on YouTube (over 2 million subscribers and 450 million video views to be exact).

Another thing you can do is convert your popular blog posts into an infographic. This works really well because it allows you to share your content on visual networks like Pinterest. Here’s a good example of leveraging a popular posts and turning it into an infographic. 

Since you’ve already written the content, it’s a lot easier to convert it into other formats allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.

8. Update your old blog posts

In the digital age, nothing stands still for long. There’s always a new trend or new technology right around the corner, which means your piece will start becoming obsolete in as little as a few weeks after it’s initially published.

Take the time to go back and update some of your most popular pieces, re-publishing and re-syndicating them to reap the benefits of your post twice over.

The folks over at DigitalMarketer got 53,682 unique visitors to a dead, two-year-old blog post by using this exact strategy.

9. Include the post in an email marketing campaign

The best email marketing campaigns are the ones that offer true value to their subscribers. Sometimes, this comes in the form of monetary benefits like discounts or free giveaways, but valuable content can serve this role too. 

You should always offer a lineup of your most popular pieces regularly in your email newsletter.

To take it one level further, you can automate this by adding your most popular pieces in your email marketing funnels (See: Infusionsoft’s Marketing automation feature).

10. Create a “greatest hits” or anthology piece

Once you’ve had a number of pieces excel in popularity, you can try to string them all together in some kind of “greatest hits” or anthology package.

For example, you could try to link them together as chapters in an extended e-book or ultimate guide. Once you’ve done this, you can use this new, extended piece as a new incentive for email subscribers or as an added gift with a new purchase or software subscription. 

You can also create the “Best of” roundups which tends to get a lot of shares.

These strategies are all about maximizing the potential impact of your most valuable blog posts, and they don’t even require much effort to implement.

Some of them might actually save you time in the long run!

Content is an area that demands constant refinement, so always look for ways to improve the type of content you produce in addition to how to make that content more effective; do this consistently, and there’s almost no limit to the revenue benefits you can gain.

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Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketer. He is the founder of a lead generation software, OptinMonster.

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