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March 1, 2016
Marketing  |  5 min read

How to Build and Scale Your Brand [VIDEO]

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Ellis Friedman

What happens when your company outgrows your brand—do you update, refresh or totally rebrand? And how do you do it without spending way more than you can afford?

Eric Mason, the director of strategic marketing and communications at, tackles just those questions on this episode of Ignition

Eric advises small business owners to think of their brand in terms of how it makes people feel instead of as a brochure or website. And he had three main suggestions for a rebrand:

  • Employees are critical brand ambassadors
  • Build a relationship with loyal users
  • Focus your message

Check out all of his suggestions in the full video!


Don’t have time to watch the full video? Check out our summary below.

In this episode, our question comes from a small business owner named Rob:

Our web development business has really taken off and now that there are six people here, with more to come soon, our branding is feeling both out-of-date and too small for where we’re going. Do we need to update our brand? And if so, how can we redefine and refine our brand story and overall branding without spending way more than we can afford?

Eric Mason, the director of strategic marketing and communications at, started out by congratulating Rob for growing the business, because he’s clearly doing something right. Too often small business owners don’t pat themselves on the back when they’ve got that kind of growth.

Most people think that brand is their logo or website or a fancy brochure they put together. So Eric suggested Rob take a step back and think about his brand in terms of how his company makes people feel. Eric had these three suggestions for small business owners about branding and deepening engagement with users.

1. Engage your employees

The first thing is to take a look to your left and right to your employees. Your employees are your No. 1 brand advocates. If you’re building a brand, your best marketers are sitting right in your own office. With everything from how you’re doing billing to how you’re greeting new clients to your follow-up, those people around you are critical in building your brand and deepening the engagement that you have with your users. 

2. Strengthen the relationship with your existing customers

Next, look to your existing users. They’re the second level of building a great brand. Find out where those users live and what they’re doing and engage with them. Maybe it’s putting together an email newsletter so that you’re building that brand relationship with your users. It’s not just about your website. It’s about building that thing with loyal users first, and then spreading out from there. 

Existing customers can be amazing resources. Eric shared some Nielsen statistics that show 92 percent of people trust earned media or another person's word more than any other type of advertising. More than 80 percent of people actually decide how they're going to spend dollars based on what someone says on social media. These are powerful data points that speak to the fact that if you’re going to build your brand, support your customers. Build that relationship with your existing user base. It doesn’t cost you a penny.

3. Focus on your message

When it comes to rebranding, Eric said you want to focus on the message. It’s time to start thinking about how people feel when they come to your business. Maybe it’s time to take a case study and feature it on your homepage.

It’s not about completely redesigning your website—Eric thinks it’s actually a bad idea. He suggests first testing your website by honing and streamlining your messages. Maybe you’re on five social channels and only one of them is working. Put your energy into the most effective channel.

Once you have some users, you can start producing case studies. Tell the stories of why people came to you—not just what they needed, but what it was about that experience that was so impactful for them. That’s your brand. 

Remember that if you’re going to rebrand or build your brand, you should think about every touch point with a potential customer. People often think, “I need a new brand, so I’ve got to get a new logo.” Well, actually, that’s not it. Your brand is something much deeper.



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