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March 13, 2016
Branding  |  6 min read

How to Design a Killer Email Header in Canva

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Jill Shaw
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Are you ready for the era of visual content? Not only are social media and advertising getting more creative with their visuals, but customers are beginning to expect visuals with any type of content that they ingest—blogs, emails, even texts (why do you think emojis and GIFs are so popular?). For you, the small business owner, this can only mean one thing: You have to jump on the bandwagon and create awesome visuals.

No, you don’t have to be a graphic designer and no, it won’t unduly tax your time. In fact, it might even be fun.

Emails probably factor into a huge, if not enormous, part of your sales and marketing, so we’re going to focus on creating visually appealing email headers. Your email copy can be the best, most engaging, riveting email copy that’s ever been sent through the internet, but it can only take you so far. 

A header is the first thing your recipient sees, so it needs to make an impact. And here’s the great news: You can make a ton of email headers without devoting huge chunks of your budget to it. Canva released a new email header template, so below we bring you their tutorial, which will show you how to make an email header with kick without kicking your time to the curb.

Getting started

 Choose the Email Header template from your Canva homepage.

choosing email header.png

Click the layouts tab

You can choose from hundreds of beautifully designed layouts especially made by our designers. Click the Layouts tab and scroll through hundreds of layouts.

layouts tab.png

Choose a layout

Click the layout and it will snap automatically in place.

choose a layout.png

Search for images

Search for images to put in your design. There are free and paid images on the library. Roll your mouse over the images to see the prices. There are thousands of images that are free.

search for images in canva.png

Select an image

Choose an image and drag it directly to your page. You can see that the image will automatically pop onto your design. This feature makes it easy for you to swap your background images.

selecting an image in canva.png

Add filters

Add character to your photos by adding filters. To add filters, click on your background image and choose Filter. You can choose from a variety of preset filters or use the Advanced Options to customize your own.

add filters canva.png

Change text

To change the texts on your design, simply double-click on the text box and type. You also have the option to change the size, color, and font.

change the text in canva.png

Change the color

To change the color of your texts or elements, just click on it and choose the color circle button. You can also type in your color code which is very helpful for brands.

change the color in canva.png

Download or link

After creating your design, click Download at the top right of the screen. Clicking Share also allows you share your graphic on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as well as with colleagues who are collaborating on the design.

download image in canva.png

Pay for premium images

Pay for any premium image(s) that you have used in your design. You can choose to pay $1 or buy credits in bulk so you that can get a discount. If you want to make any changes to your design and re-download it, you can do it for free within 24 hours. 

pay for premium in canva.png

Upload and send

Your new email header is now ready to be uploaded to your email provider and to be sent out to your subscribers.

preview and send canva.png

Here's how it looks like when you view it on an email:

view in email.gif

Canva Tutorial by Hazel Gascon

Hazel is a Customer Happiness Lead at Canva. She loves making user's lives happier and sharing tips and tricks to get the most out of the Canva platform. In her spare time, Hazel loves hanging out with her family and finding new tracks on Soundcloud. She's also an avid reader, and is always in the middle of her latest novel. Connect with Hazel on Twitter.

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