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March 11, 2016
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What is Sales and Marketing Software?

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Michael Hunter

When you’re a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to get more done in a day. And understanding that time is a significant challenge, it comes as no surprise that sales and marketing software is a major solution for streamlining daily tasks and maximizing productivity. But what exactly is sales and marketing software? The wealth of options available can sometimes seem confusing and even overwhelming. We’ve outlined a few common types of software along with descriptions, concerns, and benefits below so you can see which solution is best for your small business.

Marketing automation

Send emails, direct mail, and voice broadcasts automatically based on date, time, or a behavior, like a click or purchase.

Attract more leads and turn them into customers—while you do other things. Take repetitive tasks and let the software take care of them for you. The beauty of marketing automation is that once you set it up, it runs on its own!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Collect and use customer data points, such as contact information, marketing and sales history, orders and account balance, tasks and appointment history, and website activity.

Use the information you know about your contacts to send targeted communications that convert. Create lists based on demographics, lead score, purchases, and behaviors like email clicks, purchases, and payment history.

Email marketing

Send a single email for special promotions or use auto responders to send a personalized series of emails that nurture your leads.

Imagine the time savings, sending personalized-feeling emails to all of your customers without having to personally send them one at a time. Simply craft a message that connects with your segmented audience. By implementing a sales and marketing software solution, you’ll not only be able to get more done in a day, but you’ll find that this software is a faster, less expensive and more scalable solution for your small business than hiring a full-time employee. Or trying to do everything yourself.

While sales and marketing software might be new to you, it is not an emerging technology and is simply not a trend; the savviest and growth oriented businesses are using it. Small business owners are saving incredible amounts of time each day by automating their marketing efforts and lead nurturing, and those are some of the most valuable hours to put back into the business.

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