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June 6, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

Nurturing Your Customers with Birthday Emails

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Nicola Faulkner

We’ve previously talked about the different email campaign ideas to help you develop your overall email marketing strategy, and this included targeted birthday emails.

Birthday emails are one of the most effective email marketing campaigns you can send and are often a quick win for businesses with the data available to improve the relationship they have with their customers, as well as improve email click-thru rates, sales, and revenue.

In a birthday email campaign audit, Experian previously reported that these types of emails received 179 percent higher click-thru rate, 481 percent higher transaction rate and generated 342 percent more revenue and than regular promotional emails.

Use as an email subscription incentive

You could use exclusive birthday offers as an incentive to why customers should sign up to receive your emails, and this would be a great message to push on your website, social media, and other marketing channels where you’re trying to grow your email subscription list.

Define the objective of your email

The goal of your birthday emails should be to have a positive impact on your customer, but the overall objective will depend on your business offering and the industry that you’re in.

Do you want to encourage an action to increase your sales or number of bookings, or just build on a relationship with your customers whom you’re providing a service to?

Get personal with your customers

Personal and meaningful emails are more engaging than standard transactional emails, especially when they are delivered on one of the most important days of the year. The customer has already expressed an interest and signed up to receive your emails so they will be tempted with what you have to offer, right?

Sending personalized birthday emails shows that you are making effective use of your data, interested in your subscriber and value them overall as a customer.

Give them a birthday gift to remember

If you regularly run voucher codes throughout the year, try and offer your customer something they wouldn’t normally get if it wasn’t their birthday. For example, an exclusive birthday gift with any purchase or free afternoon tea with any spa day booking.

Voucher codes and freebies work well on birthday emails for those in the retail, travel, and leisure industries, but you must remember that your competition may also have a birthday email campaign lined up for your customer, so it’s important that you stand out in their inbox.

You’ll need to also think about your customers' demographics and segment your target audience accordingly, as a free facial or afternoon tea at a spa hotel may not appeal to your male subscribers on their birthday.

Remind them of your birthday offer

We recommend that you create a birthday email marketing campaign that triggers two or three emails to your customer, but again this all depends on your industry and business objective.

For those who want to encourage an action, such as a hotel booking or restaurant visit, then sending a single email on the day of their birthday doesn’t leave them with much time to plan their trip. By creating an email marketing campaign that informs and reminds the customer of your offer before, on, and after their birthday will help to increase conversion rates.

Start building on your customer profiles

If you don’t have your customers' birthday saved in your CRM system, then this is the perfect opportunity to run an email marketing campaign asking them to update their profile preferences. Make sure you capture rich email data and give them good reason to part with their details. Tell them why you need their birth date and other information—I’m sure they won’t be against receiving exclusive offers via email on their birthday.

This article was written by Nicola Faulkner from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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