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October 13, 2017
Automation  |  6 min read

6 Unconventional Lead Generation Tools for Digital Agencies

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Irina Weber

How do you find new clients? This is an ultimate question for any active business. There are different ways for different kinds of operations and of course there are some special approaches that digital agencies employ.

Besides special techniques there are also special tools that help agencies acquire new prospects. I’ve analyzed dozens of lead generation tools, and collected those that will best serve digital agencies in their daily quests for new business. 

1. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a great platform to handle lead generation and email marketing. The company has been around for 16 years and successfully continues helping businesses to capture new leads and then score them.

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It enables users to follow up with leads and helps them convert to customers. Once the customer comes in, Infusionsoft serves as CRM and automates sales processes.

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2. SE Ranking Lead Generator

The lead generator by SE Ranking helps digital agencies acquire qualified leads by using a lead generation widget installed on the agency’s website. Prospects are filling in the form to get a free on-page SEO audit of their webpages and the agencies are getting the contacts of the “hot” leads in return. 

SE ranking lead generator.png

SE Ranking’s Lead generator can be easily customized to show agency's unique brand style. All that is needed is to select the widget type and set it up: choose the text, the scheme, the budget, and the color, insert the logo and then place it on the website. 

SE widget.png

SE webform.png

As soon as you fill in the form, you will get a detailed white-labeled report on how well your webpage is optimized. In exchange, you will obtain the contact information of potential clients that can be interested in SEO. 

It’s very easy to install the lead generator. Just embed the HTML code on your site and receive alerts every time the new lead fills out the form. Make sure you to add up to five emails to inform users about new leads. All results can be exported to a PDF. 

To get more analytics about your leads, you can add Google Analytics tracking code in the analytics system and receive more results.

3. MySiteAuditor

MySiteAuditor is a simple lead generation tool that allows you integrate a free audit tool to your website and get more qualified leads and sales. Similar to SE Ranking, visitors can generate a free audit tool for a webpage by email and phone, and you will get instant alerts by email with the contact information when you get new leads.


The tool allows you to embed any of the following forms on your website:

  • Large form: The form is perfect for landing pages and has a good conversion rate
  • Slim form: The form is designed for a landing page or home page
  • Small form: The form is good for sidebars and smaller areas on the website
  • Page takeover: Just choose how many seconds before this form will take over the whole webpage or landing page, catching visitors’ full undivided attention

4. WooRank

WooRank is another great tool that has embedded options for digital agencies to generate leads. You just need to add the lead generation widget to your website and get a detailed report of what you need to do with your SEO. In exchange, you should enter the contact information to generate a white-labeled report. It is a win-win option as you get instant alerts about the audit and contact details. 


5. is an awesome B2B lead generation tool that helps you find useful information and contact details for your leads and save time all at once. To test out its features, you can send a request and get a BETA version of this tool. The tool delivers the full information regarding names, emails, job titles, and companies in a single search.



6. Quora

Quora is one of my favorite free lead generation tool. It works like a de-facto intent to ask and answer questions online. If you look for certain topics related to your business, you will find a lot of people asking questions that you can actually answer for them. These answers can show your expertise and bring potential leads your way.

quora seo tips.png

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Irina Weber is a marketing specialist, blogger, guest writer, and social media expert for SE Ranking. Find her on Twitter at @irinaweber048.

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