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March 11, 2016
Marketing  |  6 min read

Free Campaign of the Month: Streamline Your Coffee Run

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Paul Sokol

If you raised an eyebrow over this title, you should definitely keep reading. Hold on, I know what you're thinking, "Paul, I don't see how using a campaign for a coffee run has any value to my business?" On the surface, you're correct. However, this campaign actually teaches us a very important lesson about awareness. Plus, this campaign can be used for many more situations than only a coffee run and I'll get to that further down.

Why your coffee runs are inefficient

 Let's say that someone in your office wants to go on a coffee run or order lunch for everyone. They send an email to everyone asking for what they want. What happens next? Their inbox gets flooded with people's orders because people are likely to hit Reply All. However, unless you are the person going on the run, these emails are just clutter, have no value and actually decrease productivity. To make things worse, shortly before the runner goes out, they send another email to everyone saying, "Hey guys give me your orders if you haven't already." If you already provided your order, this is another productivity-crippling email. There has to be a better way, right? There is! Which is why I'm happy to play digital Santa and bring an early holiday present in the form of the December 2013 Free Campaign of the Month: Streamline Your Coffee Run.


The purpose of this campaign is to prevent inbox clutter and quickly collect coffee orders with minimal effort. No deluge of reply all emails. No useless reminder emails nagging people who have already shared their order. You just dump your coworkers into the "Start Coffee Run" sequence and then wait until the fulfillment list comes in with the orders. Doesn't get any easier than that! (And it allows you to leverage even more of Infusionsoft's built-in features!) Stepping back, this is a very simple yet powerful internal workflow campaign. Rather than release a marketing driven campaign, we figured with the end of the year we could have a bit more fun while expanding your perception of automation concepts.

Who can use it?

Any Infusionsoft customer can download any campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace. However, since this campaign is for intended a coffee run, it's intended for internal business use. Each person you're asking for an order would need to have a contact record in the system, but that is the only requirement. Since it's intended for internal purposes, it should work well with either B2B or B2C-based businesses. Primarily, this campaign benefits those with larger workforces greater than 10 employees—and there are a few of you. 

Anything else I should know, Paul?

I thought you'd never ask. Like I mentioned earlier, this isn't a super-complex campaign, but it teaches us a very important lesson on awareness and how automation can streamline repetitive processes. The greater concept here is that we are merely collecting information from people. Whenever you are collecting anything, chances are you can use a Web Form to make the whole experience easier—regardless of whether you're gathering information internally or externally. An important concept beyond collecting data is awareness.That is, you ought to be cognizant of your team's time. There is a little saying around the Infusionsoft offices that if you do something more than three times, you should consider automating it. If not fully, at least partially. In this case, if you do coffee runs regularly, you want to be present and recognize this is a recurring activity. You can almost completely automate the process for collecting coffee or food orders. You would have to set the reminder timers, but that is a quick two-minute task and definitely worth the time you save compared to doing going through the motions across email.

Coffee is a bit limiting, how else can I use this?

You can use this anytime you need to collect something. It would be very easy to modify this campaign to collect lunch orders. Or if you want to purchase T-shirts for your team, use this to collect their sizes. Or if you are trying to schedule a meeting, maybe you can use this to collect the times people would be available. Do you have an internal employee recognition program to call out people who go above and beyond? Tweak this campaign so your staff can nominate their co-workers. Could you use this externally with customers or prospects? Why not? Again, the high-level concept is we are simply collecting information. You can adjust the webform to be a customer satisfaction survey. Having trouble coming up with blog post ideas? Use it to poll your newsletter list for topics they would want to read. Have a large list of prospects? Modify the form so it collects a phone number and have a form submission create a follow-up task for someone to make an outbound call.

Break the addiction to doing everything

Doing things manually can be very addictive because you feel productive, but the reality might be is that you're just spinning your wheels on non-revenue generating activities. I probably sound like a broken record by now, but the key idea here is being aware of where you're spending your time. If you keep your head down in the weeds and just chug along, chances are you will be doing repetitive tasks without even recognizing the costs it has on you and your business. Take a step back and ask yourself, "Is this something I actually need to physically do every time, or could I streamline the process completely or at least partially?"

How do I get it?

Check out the Marketplace listing and download it to your Infusionsoft account. That’s it for now! Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll see you next month with a hot new campaign that is designed to help you clean your list just in time for marketing next year.

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