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March 11, 2016
Automation  |  4 min read

Free Campaign of the Month: Business-In-A-Box using Lifecycle Marketing

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Paul Sokol

Imagine you want to start playing electric guitar and if you already play guitar, let's pretend you are brand new, without any equipment.  This will all make sense in a moment. To play guitar, you need a few things at minimum: a guitar, guitar cables, and an amp. As a brand new guitarist with minimal sound gear knowledge, when standing in the music store, what is easier for you?

  • Buying a guitar, cords, and an amp separately
  • Buying a starter kit that includes all those items

If you don't know much more than, "I want to play electric guitar," choosing the equipment separately is probably a daunting task. How do you know if this is the right amp or the right type of guitar cable? By getting a starter kit, you can feel confident that all the components are compatible with each other and you can focus on learning to play; it accelerates your progress. At Infusionsoft, our purpose is "To help small businesses succeed." Our software provides a platform to enable this, but there is still the issue of implementation. To help, we've created an industry-agnostic framework called Lifecycle Marketing. The general idea is you must attract leads, have a process to sell them and  a strategy for wowing them once they become a new customer. This makes sense, right? However, how do you actually implement this for your business? How can you attract leads? How can you follow up with them to sell and then wow them? The task of fully implementing Lifecycle Marketing has been an Achilles Heel for Infusionsoft. Users used to start from a blank campaign canvas and build  out each phase themselves, which can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned users. That all changes today! Similar to the electric guitar starter kit, we have developed a complete three campaign package that provides a full Lifecycle Marketing framework. It is with great pleasure I announce the July 2014 Free Campaign of the Month: Business-In-A-Box.



These three campaign models lay the groundwork for you to easily attract and capture leads, follow up with them to the sale and then wow new customers. Even though they are three separate campaigns, they are designed to work with each other. For example, the new lead follow-up task from the Attract campaign instructs the user to use any of the three note templates found in the sell campaign. Once someone becomes a customer, you can apply another note to indicate this OR if you are using eCommerce it will automatically start once a purchase is made.

Who can use it?

Any Infusionsoft customer can download any campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace, but this campaign is designed to give you a framework to build your own Lifecycle Marketing implementation. As a result, won't be as useful for Infusionsoft users that already have systems in place for attracting, selling and wowing, however, this framework will work for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Anything else I should know?

These campaigns have the crucial elements necessary for a full implementation. The idea is that you can take these starting points and customize them for your own unique business needs. Also, if you already have certain Lifecycle Marketing systems in place, you can still use this. Just be sure to use the areas where there is a gap. For example, if you have a working sales funnel but no new customer nurture, simply use the Wow campaign.

How do I get it?

Check out the Marketplace listing and download it to your Infusionsoft account.

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