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February 19, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

Free Campaign of the Month: Simple Lead Capture

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Paul Sokol

Are you familiar with the term "multi-system chaos?" It is exactly what it sounds like: the chaos your business experiences as a result of having to manage multiple disparate systems. This is why so many people love the all-in-one offering from Infusionsoft; our customers can centralize most of their business into a single database. However, making that transition from an older system to Infusionsoft can be overwhelming, especially if you aren't the most tech savvy person. All too often, doing something fundamental to get started, like updating the lead capture forms on your website, takes a lot longer than we would like, but that ends today! Being able to quickly and easily capture leads is a serious pain point for small businesses. To alleviate this pain point, I am over the moon to share with you not one, but two, campaigns of the month for October 2014: "Simple Lead Capture" and "Simple Lead Capture for Sales Teams."

Simple Lead Capture for Sales Teams

This is Simple Lead Capture for Sales Teams; models are identical. 

This is intentionally a very simple campaign model. It contains a basic plain name and email web form which, upon submission, creates either a sales opportunity or a task depending on which model you use. Capturing leads has never been this easy!

Who can use it?

Any Infusionsoft customer can download any campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace. Since capturing leads transcends industries, I’d say that every customer should use it if they don't already have a lead capture form (or forms) on their site. It does not matter if you are B2B or B2C, capturing leads is the critical first step for any sales process.

Anything else I should know?

This is a really simple solution for a very real pain, so the only thing you really need to know is which version of the campaign to use. If you are using Opportunities (the sales pipeline module of Infusionsoft), you want the Simple Lead Capture for Sales Teams, even if you are the only person on your sales team. If you are using Tasks to follow up, you want the regular Simple Lead Capture. Lastly, speed of implementation is key! By following the campaign setup instructions you should be able to get the web form code for your website in about five minutes. However, that five minute investment is going to pay you back tenfold really quickly! Just don't forget to actually put the form on your site ;)

How do I get it?

Check out the Marketplace listings and download it to your Infusionsoft account: Simple Lead Capture in the Marketplace Simple Lead Capture for Sales Teams in the Marketplace That’s it for this month, but please let me know what you think in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for next month where we've got an extension to our wildly popular* Birthday Reminders campaign. *Fun fact: Since launching the birthday campaign, as of this post's publication, our customers have collectively scheduled over 818,000 birthday emails!

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