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February 24, 2016
Marketing  |  5 min read

3 Things Marketing Automation Can Do for Your Relationship

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Ellis Friedman

Moving a prospective partner through the romantic funnel is practically its own full-time job: from meeting at the top of the funnel to committing at the bottom, there are probably thousands of electronic messages that go into the journey, and that doesn’t even account for prospects who don’t quite make it all the way through.

There’s a better way: automate your personal relationships. Think about how much time you could save and put elsewhere if you weren’t glued to your phone waiting for the next message to come through. You need to rethink the way you market yourself romantically– and instead, move toward automated romantic follow-ups.

Take a cue from Lifecycle Marketing and use your marketing automation system to achieve success attracting, selling, and wowing your potential mates.

Attract: automate your flirty texts and emails

You can’t necessarily automate the way you meet people, either in real life or through online dating, but you can automate your follow-ups once you make yourself known as a viable romantic partner. Once you’ve obtained their contact information, you’re good to go with your automated communications.

You could literally be texting and emailing people all day and all night long–do you really need to keep having the how r u missing u conversation? You’ve got better things to do. Instead of texting back and forth, set up a campaign that will take your prospective honey through a campaign based on keywords in their text. That way you can easily reply hey miss u 2 without missing a beat in your other daily tasks.

Sell: set up your dates

You’re not going to close the deal on text or email. You’re going to have to get out there and woo your paramour in person (and that’s the fun part, so why would you want to automate that?). But that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate hours to back-and-forth setting up a date–or even waiting for a date who’s late or totally forgets your appointment.

It might not be dating best practice, but you could easily automate your date-making processes to include confirmations for your dates and even reschedule or cancel for you if necessary. No more going through your schedules or getting your potential doll-face to try to commit to a date–just let the Appointment Reminder campaign do it for you. (And how convenient–that happens to be this month’s Campaign of the Month.)


Wow: compliment your darling

Congratulations–you closed the deal and committed to your darling! Though the movies would have you believe differently, it’s not all happily-ever-after from there. In fact, the real work has just begun. If you’re going to keep your partner in your romance funnel, you’ve got to wow them.

One of our own consultants, Ernest Saco, had the right idea. He was trying to learn our software but doesn’t have his own business, so he figured he’d set up campaigns and automate compliments and notes to his wife.

He first sent her a link through a text message that sent her to a web form, on which was a photo of their family and instructions to enter her contact information for a surprise.

Luckily, she entered her information and every morning at 9 a.m., she got a flattering automated email.

automate your compliments.png

This continued for a week until Ernest sent an email survey asking, “Do you still love me, yes or no?” The “Yes” answer took her into another campaign, the “No” answer ended with an email that said, “Wrong answer, thanks for nothing.”

Luckily, she clicked “Yes,” and the loving emails continued. 

automate your compliments2.png

This idea worked so well for Ernest that all the other guys on his team have asked him to help them set up similar campaigns for their honies. 

So no matter where you are in the search for love, take a moment to maximize the potential of your marketing automation system–you might just get a date out of it.

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