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March 10, 2017
Automation  |  9 min read

3 Selling Tactics Every Fitness Business can Automate

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Paul Sokol

As I mentioned in my previous fitness post, “3 Lead Generation Strategies Every Fitness Business Can Automate,” being successful with any fitness offering can be challenging. Sales and fulfillment are done in-person, which means you need to maximize your operational expenses by focusing your sales-function employees on the hottest and most engaged prospects.

Once you've put in the hard work to generate a qualified prospect, automation is great to help you follow up and close the deal. What follows are three sales tactics nearly every in-person fitness offering can automate to sell more.

No. 1: The sales pipeline

The pipeline is a business tool used to track something as it progresses through a specific set of fixed milestones to achieve a specific outcome. A sales pipeline is used to track a prospect through the sales process.

Centralizing your sales leads into a formal pipeline is a key strategy to ensure that your team follows up with leads and not letting them slip through the cracks. This also allows you to grow and scale much more easily because any new sales people can plug into the existing system and be trained on how to use it; as opposed to each sales person managing their leads with their own methods.

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Regarding automation, you can leverage it in two main ways. First, you can have sales opportunities automatically show up in your pipeline when someone takes an action. Maybe they fill out a form on your site or click on a certain link in an email. Second, you can have automated follow-up sequences to run in parallel with your specific pipeline milestones and stages.

For example, let's say in your pipeline, you have a "Consult Scheduled" and "Consult Complete" stage towards the end of the sales cycle. When someone is moved into the "Consult Scheduled" stage, you can have a series of automated emails go out with information on what people need to bring to the appointment, along with appointment reminders as the date approaches. When you move them into "Consult Complete," this can trigger a different sequence that thanks them for coming in and drives them to buy your specific fitness offering (membership, personal training, etc.). 

Even without automation, getting your prospects into a formal pipeline can dramatically impact how effective your sales efforts are, but with automation, you create a nearly unfair advantage.

Infusionsoft user? For help building your pipeline, download the Sales Pipeline Starter Kit from the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

No. 2: One-click upsells

You've seen upsells in the real world. "You want fries with that?" is one of the most common upsells for any place that sells burgers. Most fitness offerings have the opportunity for upsells.

Upsell offers help boost average order value and drives more revenue. For example, at my gym they have the basic membership, but I can pay extra for the premium membership, which includes extra amenities and perks. When someone buys a basic membership, that moment is when you want to present the upsell offer.

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This is the idea behind a one-click upsell, it’s the digital version of this sales tactic. The idea is to have the thank you page of your order form be another page where they can click a button to add more stuff to their order. No need to enter their contact information or credit card again. In fact, because people can add to their order with a single click this reduces conversion friction, and you can quickly get predictable upsell rates.

Of course, this tactic is fully automated, so once you set it up, all you have to do is keep selling through that same order form because the upsell will handle the extra offer.

For those who are more advanced, you could even do a one-click upsell/downsell chain. Using the basic membership example, after someone buys the basic you can offer the premium membership on the order form's thank you page. If they accept the premium membership, you can offer them another upsell for a personal training session. However, if they decline the premium membership, you can make a completely different offer. Maybe, in that case, you try to sell them a branded water bottle or shirt. 

Infusionsoft user? Click here for a tutorial on how to do a one-click upsell using Infusionsoft.

No. 3: Exclusive member offers

It is generally accepted that the cost to acquire a new customer is typically more than the cost to sell more to an existing customer. When it comes to growing sales, businesses can get so distracted by the challenges of driving new business that they forget about this low hanging fruit.

Using automation to deliver exclusive member offers is a proven way to boost lifetime customer value. When you intentionally design how you want to do, it is literally a 'set it and forget it' kind of thing. You go about business as usual and watch extra orders trickle in.

A great place to start is with the new member welcome automation. You would initially want to provide highly valuable content and guidance on how to get the most out of their purchase. From there, you can periodically drip special offers on them. For example, maybe you have four emails in the first month with new member tips and such, then for the next year, they get one email a month pushing a certain product or service.

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Remember, you can do a hybrid member offer/referral tactic too. Offer an existing member something for free in exchange for having one of their friends sign up. Not only will this help lower your customer acquisition costs, but a referred lead is typically going to be much more likely to close than a random cold lead.

Infusionsoft user? For help with an Infusionsoft-compliant referral campaign, download the Refer a Friend campaign from Infusionsoft Marketplace.

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