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March 1, 2017
Advertising  |  9 min read

5 Ways to Get the Most Bang from Your Google Adwords Buck

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Kasim Aslam

It’s a well-known fact that there are cheaper ways to market online than Google Adwords (Facebook, Bing,, and not everyone who’s willing to pay extra is guaranteed any measure of success. So why Adwords?

Everyone knows that Google is the busiest search engine on the planet, taking 77.82 percent of the desktop search engine market share in 2016, so it would seem like a no-brainer for any company to make it their top choice among marketing platforms. But it’s not that simple. Honestly, you should only use Adwords if you have:

  1. The budget: Depending on your industry, clicks on Adwords can cost anywhere from $1 to $60 (average is $1 to $2), and that still doesn’t guarantee conversions. Adwords may help bring your horses to water, but only great content and strategy is going to coax them to drink, which brings us to...

  1. A killer marketing team: Using the wrong Adwords marketer is worse than having no marketer at all. Even though you’re willing to pay, Google hates poorly written ads (with bad landing pages), and they won’t be the most visible. But let’s say you do get a few clicks—if your next step involves lackluster content and nonsensical strategies, prospects will be turned off and your brand could be tarnished.

  1. A powerful, yet nimble, lead-management machine: Having leads pouring in with no way to process them is like having coins pour out of an old-timey slot machine with no bucket. Automated marketing systems, like Infusionsoft, gather up all those leads and begin instinctively nurturing them while routing them down the funnel towards conversion.

Still want to try your hand?

If you’re going to invest in Adwords, the only way you’re going to see good (if any) return on investment (ROI) is to do some intensive research. The tips I’m about to give aren’t comprehensive; they’re only a good starting point and indicator of the types of things in which you’re going to need to become well versed.

Write a great ad 

Writing the perfect Adwords ad involves making sure it’s:

  • Within the allotted amount of characters
  • Keyword/phrase optimized
  • Not a copy of competitors’ ads
  • Better/more conspicuous than competitors’ ad
  • Relevant
  • Personal
  • Emotionally inciting
  • Imparting a sense of urgency (in the case of a sale)

Of course, these tips will only work if you know your customer avatar through and through, fiercely believe that your offering will benefit them greatly, and are able to make them understand that you have their best interests at heart.

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Create a fantastic landing page

If you really want to do the best job accelerating and increasing leads (not to mention conversions), you don’t want to merely route clickers to your website where they may have trouble finding what they’re looking for right away, have too many options, and forget why they came in the first place.

A good landing page is not part of your website, but exists separately for the purpose of hosting prospects that are looking for very specific products or services. It reassures them they came to the right place and gives them only one option: to give their contact information in exchange for something of value, thereby turning them into a lead.

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Run AB/split testing 

Digital marketing pros know that in order to find out what works the best you need to know what works the least, which is why we split test ads, as well as landing pages.

Google makes split testing relatively easy by letting you define what a conversion means to you and then tracking it. Without split testing, you’d never really be sure what you’re doing right or wrong, which leaves you with no way to get better and no foundation on which to build future campaigns.

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Triggered, robust email campaign

You’ve been smart enough to install automated marketing software, but it’s up to you to load it up with great content. The first emails your leads should be receiving are a series of three to five “indoctrination” emails, which serve the purpose of introducing your brand, letting the lead know what they can expect from you and engendering warmth, respect, excitement, etc. (whatever’s positive and brand-appropriate).

“Engagement” emails are then deployed to move leads down the funnel by offering incentives, deals, and “tripwires,” which are appealing, small-dollar offerings designed to turn leads into customers and get them into the habit of giving you money. This whole process may seem slow at first, but the fact is that 80 percent of all email conversions occur after five to seven emails.

As your leads either convert or leave the funnel, you’ll need to write other emails designed to nurture, cultivate loyalty, round up strays, and bring back the utterly disengaged. This is when you’ll really be grateful you have a system in place that automatically sends those emails to the right people, at the right time, every time.

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Meticulous, uber-reliable process and sales management

Down at the bottom of the funnel where the “converted” reside, your automated marketing software will continue paying off by sending triggered “ascension” emails that will not only entice customers to purchase big ticket items and bundles but will also get them to buy with greater frequency.

But it doesn’t end there—your automated marketing software also streamlines client stages and internal operations with automated onboarding, sitemap development, project management prep, etc., so you can focus your attention where it belongs: on growth and creativity.

The bottom line is, if you’ve already made the super-sharp decision to invest in automated marketing and you’re determined to try Adwords next, don’t negate the efficacy of either of those investments by not knowing what you’re about, being unable to produce winning content or by being unsure of how to get maximum utilization of out of your software.

Follow up one great decision with another by making sure you know how to win at Adwords before you even start.

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Kasim (rhymes with “awesome”) is the founder of Solutions 8, an Infusionsoft Certified Agency, Digital Marketer Certified Agency and official Google Partner. With more than 10 years experience as a digital marketer, he’s worked with the largest privately owned bank in the country, one of the oldest TPAs in the world and an Academy Award contending documentary. He has been a consultant for a Gate’s Foundation funded non-profit, worked on a contract basis with the U.S. Army, was a technology spokesperson for Intel and helped to build, launch and market the National Association of Child Helplines. He presently serves on the board of two non-profit organizations: Arts Interface and Boys Hope Girls Hope. Kasim enjoys traveling with his wife, reading, playing basketball (he’s horrible), and writing thinly veiled, narcissistic lists of his feeble accomplishments.

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