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December 11, 2015
Digital Marketing  |  9 min read

5 Things You Need To Read Right Now: The Lead Generation Edition

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Jeanette LeBlanc

Leads. Can’t really have a successful business without ‘em. But with so much competition out there, it can seem like all you do is hustle.   

It’s kind of like dating—it’s a jungle out there. And if you want to stand out from the sea of potential suitors vying for your target audiences’ attention, you need something more than a cheesy pick up line.  

Meme of pick up line "is your name wi-fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."

To make use of an overused Tinder analogy—how do you get your target audience to scan your profile and swipe right?

Luckily, there is a lot of solid strategy, and more than a little science that you can apply to your small business lead generation strategies. Read on for four useful articles, and one handy hit of stress release to help you fill up your little black book—or marketing funnel—full of qualified leads.

4 Lead Gen Campaign Ideas (+ the Landing Page Templates to Power Them) (via @unbounce)

Office Space Meme about lead gen

Every month, you can scramble to pull together a marketing campaign to fill your pipeline with leads, but I think you’ll agree it’s high time you stop winging it.”

Landing page experts: Unbounce give us another fantastic post that lays out four strategic campaigns for different areas of your funnel and provides detailed examples of the landing pages you’ll need for each. They make the case for the importance of using unique pages for every campaign and channel, and encourage to you “make a conscious decision to A/B test the heck out of ‘em.’”

Who should read it? Do you question whether or not you are losing leads because your landing pages are not optimized for your goals? This post will give you a quick primer on what differentiates different campaigns, and get you started on the road to improved conversions.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip: This Clever Lead Generation Strategy Works (via @jeffbullas)

Leads slot machine

The key to success in any marketing strategy is defining a specific target market, and LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to generate these leads on a consistent basis. Think about it, where else would you have access to over 332 million decision-makers for free?”

Napoleon Dynamite Kip LinkedIn meme

As far as social media lead generation goes, LinkedIn may not be top of mind. In this actionable post, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to get a fresh list of targeted leads each week based on criteria you set. For instance, if you know your target market are web designers or graphic artists in your immediate geographic area. A saved search will email those leads to you each week, allowing you to maximize the connectivity of the platform to engage with potential leads.

Who should read it? Have you been looking for a new way to connect with key decision makers in your target market and nurture new leads in a different way? This post will show you one technique that you can put into action right away.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet: 21 Lead Generation Ideas You Need To Know (via @thesocialquant)

A guide to maximizing lead generation today

“Simply put: more leads = more sales. That’s why you need to actually put these powerful lead generation ideas into action and not just hope that leads will come to you.”

Who wants more leads?  We want more leads!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good visual cheat sheet. This infographic provides an at-a-glance primer of 21 proven ways to generate leads and grow your email list. From website speed to interacting with your commenters, this graphic will both remind you of what you already know (but may not be doing) as well as introduce different ideas—like utilizing Quora—to grow your lead numbers.

Who should read it? If you’re playing the leads game (and who isn’t), this infographic and post provides a good way to check your current lead generation activities against 21 solid opportunities. Is there one or two you are not utilizing (or maximizing)? Good—get to work!

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Conversion-Killing Homepage (via @neilpatel)

“The heart of your site is the homepage. It’s the gateway to every other page. So it stands to reason that mistakes on this page can kill your conversion rate… a statistic shared by Crazy Egg revealed that 63 percent of marketers optimize sites based on their intuition, not just on tried-and-tested best practices.”

When we talk about lead generation, opt-in forms, social media advertising, and growing your email list are usually at the top of the list. But what about your home page? Turns out, your home page can greatly impact your conversions. Neil Patel highlights seven common home page mistakes and gives great visual examples of both the good and the bad of home page design.

Grumpy cat saying she hates bad design

Who should read it? When is the last time you took a good long look at your home page from a conversion standpoint? Read this post and use the seven mistakes as a checklist to gauge your homepage effectiveness. Make the necessary changes and watch your conversions climb. 

Emergency Compliment (via @emergencycompli)

A 3rd tier cable network would totally create a television show about you

“Your handshake conveys intelligence, confidence and minor clamminess”

“Socks + Sandals + You = I’m into it”

“Kids think you are a ‘cool old person’”

Lead Generation got you down? Need a little pick me up? This is it.

We have to admit, we’re taking a break from the super educational content here, but there is a reason.  Occasionally Frequently, marketing can feel like such a high-pressure numbers game. And it is—your leads and conversion rates will make or break your business. When things don’t go as planned—you have a slow day or a slow week or a slow year—it can be easy to get down. 

Head on over to this simply brilliant site, which mixes the best of snarky humor with the all too human need for validation.  After all, knowing that “at least two of your friends are going to name their child and/or goldfish after you” is sure to make things feel at least a little better, right?

Oprah yelling "everyone gets a compliment"

Who should read it? Feeling blue about your marketing efforts? Head here for a quick pick-me-up. Bonus points: Use this site as inspiration for a fun and quirky way you could delight your audience with something new and unique.

So, what are your favorite lead generation methods? Leave a comment below and reach out on Twitter and let us know!

Have you been making the most of the leads already in your funnel?  Click the image below to assess your funnel for missing leads—and learn how to bring them back into the sales process.  

Are you looking to generate more sales from your leads?  Click the image below to watch a free webinar from Frank Kern and learn how to turn your leads into sales.

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