April 26, 2016
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Learning to Scale: 3 Ways for You to Improve Employee Learning Models for Your Small Business

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Rafael Solis

Owners of small businesses everywhere understand the challenges that come with building a company. Some of the typical problems many organizations face are the ones they run into as they try to increase the scale of their operation. Some businesses might be stuck managing processes using outdated methods such as spreadsheets while others might not have enough capital to increase the size of their staff. Luckily, there is an extremely valuable tool you can use to ensure that your company scales efficiently.

Integrating learning systems into your employees’ daily workflow is a great way to keep your company up-to-date on procedures and practices. Most outdated training programs require employees to take time out of their day and reduces efficiency. Instead, try using modern learning platforms to keep employees updated and effective. Here are a few ways you can use learning to help your company succeed:

As globalization becomes the norm, SMBs that have learning embedded into the company culture they adapt more efficiently. As your company begins to scale, you will need to identify what type of people you will need for certain jobs. Modern learning systems can make your employees highly adaptable, which is an extremely valuable trait with emerging job roles and titles. When your workers are comfortable with the tasks you assign them, it allows them to be flexible and adapt to changes in responsibility.

When knowledge sharing is built into your employees’ everyday workflow, conquering unexpected new learning curves will become easier. It is critical that you integrate knowledge sharing into the everyday workflow. Learning systems can provide the tools to replicate and reduce duplication, which enriches the whole company. New staff members can search through what has been previously shared and learn new processes by themselves rather than by being taught by a manager. This allows the organization to be transparent so that it creates an organic feedback loop, which helps workers solve issues as they arise. Employees will also find it easier to learn a task when it has been related to a project that they are currently working on in the office. Teaching relevant material is a great way to make sure your employees stay focused on both training and their actual work.

When learning is built into the fabric of your organization, and you are penetrating new market opportunities, you can capitalize faster. As your employees respond to new challenges, it might open up channels that can lead to new products or services for your company to develop. Learning is the fabric of agile and lean product methodologies. Your goal should be to take an idea, and get it to market as quickly as possible even if it is to get feedback on an idea. Then, learn from that exercise, iterate, go back to the market get feedback, learn, repeat, and so forth. This process will allow you to test and eventually perfect the products and services that you offer to your clients.

When structuring your organization, it is in your best interest to use learning to your advantage. Try to stay away from traditional training methods like multiple hour-long training sessions. Try to teach your employees new things one at a time; if they don’t feel overwhelmed, then it will be easier for them not only to learn but also to do their job. Once the whole organization is working together to learn and share knowledge, your company will begin to scale efficiently.

This article was written by Rafael Solis from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.


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