August 26, 2016
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5 Things You Must Read: The Holiday 2016 Edition

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Ellis Friedman

You know what they say: Don’t wear white after Labor Day and don’t talk about the holidays before Labor Day. (Do they say that? I just made it up.) Well color us rule-breakers, because we’re getting on the cutting edge of this holiday season and making a proclamation:

You need to start planning for the holidays. Like, now.

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Yes, I mean the glittery holidays with pumpkin spice, turkey, and good tidings, the holidays that start with Thanksgiving and end with New Year’s.


And if you think I’m crazy for mentioning it before we’ve even hit the autumnal equinox, I can’t say I blame you. But if you get started planning for the holidays now, come December, you’ll be really, really glad you did. 

Drop Everything and Plan Your Holiday Marketing Strategy Right Now (via @bluehost)

Did you know that people shell out an extra $730 on presents, food, and merriment accouterments? You want a slice of that pie, my friend, and if you put in a bit of planning, your slice of that pie will grow.


This article from Blue Host has got some great preliminary holiday suggestions to start getting you in the holiday frame of mind. 

The 6 Musts of a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign (via @Entrepreneur)

This article from Entrepreneur will help you drill down a bit into strategy and a few tactics of getting your customers to stay with you instead of competitors. They suggest things like making your audience feel good to personalizing and offering deals. You can also check out a couple of actual examples of successful holiday campaigns.

10 Holiday Marketing Trends Every Small Business Should Leverage (via @mashable

Staples on Mashable covers everything from Cyber Monday to giving to charity, creating customer loyalty, and rewarding your staff. Almost everything on here is something to add to your holiday strategy list.

How to Reduce Holiday Stress and Stay Focused (via @officedepot)

While the holidays are glittery and spice-scented, let’s not forget how crushingly stressful they can be.


The best way to avoid the stress that inevitable comes with the season of good cheer is to have a plan to deal with stress before it arrives. This piece isn’t comprehensive, but it is helpful, so don’t forget to account for some stress relief in your holiday plan. 

33 Creative Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing (via @SBAgov)

A little stuck on how to get started? Here’s a list of 33 things, so no more excuses! This article is from 2014, so just make sure to update any out-of-date years.


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