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March 4, 2016
Growth  |  2 min read

The Keys to Kickstart

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Carey Ballard

Do you ever feel that running your small business is like driving around in circles, and you’re never quite able to get ahead of the competition? You have the right vehicle, you use the right tools, but somehow you feel like you’re unable to break out of the pack. As any good racecar driver will tell you, sometimes the key to winning is letting your team tune up your car early so you can speed off to victory lane.

That’s why we created kickstarts. A kickstart is Infusionsoft’s way of helping you achieve ROI right away by equipping you with a team who will help you streamline processes, get organized and automate. With you behind the wheel and our team’s support, you’ll be zooming past small business challenges in no time.

A kickstart is the training phase designed to make sure you don’t go at this alone. We know that since Infusionsoft encompasses a great deal of your business, you will want the assurance that you’re getting started with your foot on the right pedal. While you can take the wheel of your app and set it up according to what’s best for you, a kickstart provides the benefit of an Infusionsoft expert to get you going and stay with you for every lap of the race.

Partnering with your Infusionsoft Implementor will help build your knowledge base and confidence in using Infusionsoft with your business. And to help you find success quickly, you will receive an injection of Lifecycle Marketing techniques that will help you attract traffic, sell to prospects and wow your customers, strategies that will give you a competitive advantage.

While going through the kickstart process, you will have a dedicated time to help you shift existing processes, import contacts and automate routines into an organized and easy to use system that provides the platform for growth and customization.

The kickstart includes a template for success, including automated customer communication that you will be proud to use, and will showcase your professionalism. Pass your competitors with ease as you become more educated on the ins and outs of Infusionsoft and get a strategy to guide your small business to what’s next. And, not only are we great at helping you with software, we share best practices that you can implement immediately.

Tens of thousands of people have reached the checkered flag with this valuable kickstart process and we want you to know just how much your victory lap means to all of us at Infusionsoft.


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