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October 28, 2016
Planning & Strategy  |  4 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Small Business Success Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Now that we’re heading into what can be a very lucrative yet highly stressful season (aka the holidays), you might need a little time to step back from your crazy schedule and get a little inspired.

Over the past year, we’ve profiled five Infusionsoft customers in the U.S. and Canada (with UK coming in November!) on our Medium publication The Backbone. All of these businesses have done different but equally amazing things that are bigger than just their business—the changing middle class, the Brooklyn music scene, the health debates around candles.

So sit back, relax, and read about these five small businesses who are rocking it. (And if you’re the next successful customer we should profile, let us know at [email protected]).

Has the American Dream Been Downsized?

JD and Mindy Schiman sell snarky fitness apparel through their business Fat Bar Apparel in Nixa, Missouri. In a year and a half, they managed to go from being in-debt and working multiple blue-collar jobs to paying off all their debt, buying a new house, and growing their business at home.

But wait—aren’t we hearing, like, everywhere that the middle class is disappearing? Did the Schimans just get lucky, or have the rules changed and they just lucked into success? 

The Kids Are Coming Up From Behind

Learning music is great for kids, but maybe instead of rigid practice methods that focus on mastery, there’s a better way to teach them so that they love and practice music for life. That’s what Nate Shaw and Peira Moinester do at Brooklyn Music Factory.

But it’s more than that—some of Brooklyn’s top artists send their kids to BMF, so they must be doing something right. And the school’s presence is helping to revive—or at least, reinvigorate—the Brooklyn music scene.

And I promise, you don’t have to be a music junky to love this article. 

The King of Soy: How One Small Town Candle Company Is Changing Everything

Milkhouse Candles, located in Osage, Iowa, started as a hobby Eric and his wife, Janet, would pursue at craft fairs, and 12 years later has morphed into a thriving small business poised to take on the whole candle industry.

It hasn’t been an easy 12 years; at one point, they were on the brink of not being able to fulfill their orders and had no idea how to better prepare them for next time around. So what did he do? Read the story and find out! 

Almost Famous?

Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada is beautiful, very remote, and almost as far east as you can possible go on the North American continent. It’s one of the last places you’d expect to find a software startup that counts Coachella as a client.

And yet, there it is. CEO Darren Gallop started his music festival software just before the huge downturn in the music industry. So how is his company Marcato still standing?

The Shooting Victim Whose Invention Brought Him Back to Life

It’s not often that a company founder can say that his product brought him back to life, but CEO of Titin Patrick Whaley can. After he was shot in the chest and left for dead, Patrick survived but faced a long road to recovery. Luckily for him, he’d been working on prototypes of weighted compression gear to help train athletes and discovered that his invention worked for his rehabilitation as well.

Now, Patrick has grown Titin into a lucrative brand and has even been on Shark Tank. Check out the story of how he did it!

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