December 9, 2016
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5 Things You Must Read: The 2017 Predictions Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Horoscopes, crystal balls, cards, stars, signs. None of these will tell you the future. But since it’s that time of year when everyone is trying to prognosticate, we figured we’d round up some posts that try to see into 2017. 

So consider these interesting thought exercises, and if anything turns out to be right, well, you can’t say you weren’t warned. And if they’re wrong, well, that was to be expected, eh?

5 Predictions to Guide Your Marketing Planning in 2017 via @Entrepreneur

While these predictions may seem a little softball (TV isn’t going away? What a shock), it’s still worth hearing especially if your target demographic is boomers or older. But these aren’t supposed to be shocking future predictions, they’re sound, pretty common-sense reads of the probable lay of the land in 2017, so take that all into account when you’re planning your marketing.


2017 Predictions: Dynamics That Will Shape the Future in the Age of the Customer via @forrester

Want to go for something with a bit more heft? This report from Forrester looks at the consequences of a digital-led, customer-centric market to make predictions about business and leadership, customer experience, and technology. One prediction? They think that 30 percent of CMOs will be let go by CEOs for not having the right blend of skills. CMOs, take note.

2017 Predictions in Social Media and Content Marketing via @bryankramer

Want to hear predictions from some of the most illustrious names in the social and content marketing universe? Well, here they are! From Jay Baer and Jeff Bullas to Pamela Slim and Mari Smith, this list is a veritable who’s who of online personalities, executives, and gurus. 

Future Trends in Email Marketing—Predictions for 2017 via @b2community

Spoiler alert: Email will still exist in 2017. Most of these tips shouldn’t be too surprising, but they’re still really important because a lot of small businesses aren’t using email to its full potential. Some of that potential include personalization, optimization, and of course, interactivity.

The Pessimist’s Guide to 2017 via @bbgvisualdata

If you’re an optimist, you can take heart in the fact that this is wrong. If you’re a pessimist, you can feel validated that someone else thinks things are as bad as you do. 

But either way, this can help you and your business prepare for the potential worst-case scenario of 2017. And of course there’s always room for surprises and error, so don’t base your life around this. Just keep it in mind as you go.

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