May 6, 2016
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Things You Really Need to Read: The Mompreneurs Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Don’t let the rowdy run-up of May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo distract you from the big holiday that’s coming up: Mother’s Day. So let’s take a look at mompreneurs (because women with children who own a business can’t just be “entrepreneurs”) and give them a tip of the hat.

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Why do so many people focus on women-owned businesses when men own them too? Well, since women couldn’t even get a credit card in the 1960s, they faced and continue to face professional obstacles. That doesn’t mean male entrepreneurs don’t face challenges too, but they’re different, and today, we’re talking about women. We’ll be sure to hit up guys on Father’s Day.

Not a mom or a woman? That’s OK, chances are you know one or have one.

It’s Small Business Week—Remember the Mompreneurs (via @_workingmother_)

Though this post is from last year, it actually is small business week. This post is a good summary of mompreneurs’ effect on the economy (an economic impact of $3 trillion, yes, with a “t”), issues they face when trying to get traditional funding, and general support within the business community.

More Women Starting Businesses isn’t Necessarily Good News (via @HarvardBiz)

The wage gap isn’t a myth, but it’s also not quite as straightforward as women making 79 cents to a man’s dollar. Claudia Goldin, professor of economics at Harvard, argues that the data shows wages start to change when women have children or become caregivers and need more flexible schedules.

And when women need those flexible schedules, many of them will start their own business. But is that good for the economy? This article points out that women struggle to replace their corporate salaries. This article does a great job of pointing out where equality falls behind, where it’s actually more equal, and some easy improvements that benefit women and men.

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11 Grants for Women-owned Businesses You Need to Know About (via @Entrepreneur)

Did you know that women are more overlooked for business loans?

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Neither did I! Luckily there are other options, and one of them is private grants. Entrepreneur shares 11 of them as well as how to apply.

25 Amazing Productivity Tops From Successful Mompreneurs (via @lifehackorg)

Parents of any gender can benefit from these great productivity tips, including locking the door, raising entrepreneurial kids, having date night, releasing guilt, and eliminating distractions.

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(Sorry, was that distracting?)

Great advice for entrepreneurs with children, work at home, or do both.

6 Unique Mother’s Gifts Made by Mompreneurs (via @MarthaStewart)

You gotta get your mom something for Mother’s Day, so why not buy from mompreneur businesses?

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From snacks to shirts and spa baskets, this list isn’t by any means comprehensive, but it’s a good start.


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