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March 3, 2016
Growth  |  2 min read

Ignition with Joe Courtney: Redefine Balance For Your Desired Outcome [VIDEO]

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Ellis Friedman

A lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses as labors of love—or at the very least, passion. But running and growing a business is gritty, time-intensive work. So what happens when that love and passion turns into obligation, stressed personal relationships, and a loss of personal fulfillment? 

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That’s the question we tackle in the second episode of Ignition. And we figured, who better to provide some insight into putting yourself back in the mindset of success—for your psyche and for your business—than former NBA player and author Joe Courtney? He just published his book "Life Above and Beyond the Rim," in which he addresses how he got through similar issues in his life and career. 

Joe, who shares what he did when he went through something similar, talks about bringing in your family to redefine balance and to set a desired outcome instead of a goal. 

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance as a Small Business Owner - Download Now

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