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February 12, 2016
Growth  |  5 min read

5 Things You Should Read: The Leadership Edition

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Ellis Friedman

While the idea of being your own boss can be a pretty appealing prospect, as your business grows, it also means you’re going to be other people’s boss. And being the boss, you have even more things to worry about, and if you were excited about not having to answer someone, well now you have to answer to yourself.

It’s a constant cycle of learning, failing, and making it work.

Because with great power comes great responsibility, here are some articles from around the web that will help keep you powerful, responsible, and an ace leader.

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Richard Branson’s 4 Rules for Making Difficult Decisions (via @businessinsider)

Being a leader means making difficult decisions that you sometimes wonder how on Earth you’re supposed to make. Richard Branson of the Virgin Group makes decisions that ride on billions of dollars, so maybe he’s a good role model for this stuff. 

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This article talks about how he reacted when he lost the contract to run the UK’s West Coast rail franchise—a $7 billion contract—and decided to sue the UK government. No biggie, right? 

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last (via @99u)

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Check out this excellent, in-depth presentation from leadership expert Simon Sinek about the expectations a group has of its leaders and why it goes beyond authority.

It’s a 45-minute video, so put it on in the background as you work and reap the leadership rewards 

The Best Productivity Tricks Used By Evil Dictators (via @lifehacker)

You don’t have to be an evil dictator to use some of these tips (though of course we’d all prefer you weren’t an evil dictator), though isn’t it cool to say that you cultivate your online persona a la Kim Jong-Il?  Oh wait, is he not cool?


Well, just don’t say that he was your inspiration and enjoy reaping the rewards of your cult of personality.

How to Motivate People: 4 Steps Backed by Science (via @TIME)

Getting yourself to do everything that needs to be done is tough, so how are you supposed to get other people to do things? Hint: Dangling their salaries in front of them isn’t quite enough.

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Time provides four tips backed by science (science!) for getting people motivated. This includes rewarding them the right way, emphasizing progress, and harnessing their emotions.

How to Survive 4 Common Small Business Crises (via @NFIB)

Part of helming the ship is making plans for potential situations in which the ship could go down.

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It’s no fun to do—unless you’re one of those weirdos who loves planning for every outcome like this anxiety-prone writer—but it has to be done. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a crisis and absolutely no plan for what to do.

What if a hurricane hits and floods your office, ruining all your computers and all your data? What if you lose your biggest client? What if you’re hacked? There’s no need to lie awake at night worrying about this if you have your crisis plan in the can.

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