June 17, 2016
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5 Things You Need to Read: The Ultimate Dadpreneurs Edition

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Ellis Friedman

Dads are awesome, and in mainstream media, a little overlooked and undervalued.

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This weekend is Father’s Day, and just as we promised back with the Mompreneurs Mother’s Day edition of our weekly roundup, today we’re getting to the dads.

The word “dadpreneurs” seems to be a bit newer than the word “mompreneurs” (or maybe I’ve just been living under a childless rock), but it’s awesome that we’re recognizing dads who are starting businesses while taking care of families. Work/life balance cookies for everyone!

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Father’s Day Finesse: How 15 Shark Tank Dadpreneurs Juggle Business With Kids (via @Forbes

This headline is exactly what it sounds like—dadpreneurs from “Shark Tank.” Check out these inspirational dudes who are hustling for themselves, their business, and their kids. 

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Want to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids? Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad Says Do These Things (via @Inc)

Whether you want your kids to grow up to the be the next Mark Zuckerberg, or you want to re-parent yourself so that you become the next MZ, these tips from Edward Zuckerberg will have you covered.

But they also sound like great parenting advice anyway, even if you just want your kid to become the next, well, themselves.

Life as a Dad-trepreneur: Balancing Fatherhood and a Startup at the Same Time (via @Entrepreneur) 

David Starr, co-founder of Berkshire Natural, shares how he gets in quality family time while still making his business a success. 

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These are tips that any small business owner can use, but they ring especially true for parents. His number one tip? Work as much as you like—as long as it doesn’t encroach on family time.

Balancing Work and Family Life: 6 Tips for Single Dad Entrepreneurs (via @GoodMenProject)

Running a business as a dad is tough, and it’s even tougher when you’re a single dad. For all the single dadpreneurs out there making it work, here are six simple yet complicated tips for balancing your work and your child rearing. 

Perhaps the best tip is realizing that success is subjective and that you’ll have to hold yourself to your own ideals of success, not the ones that society tells you you “should” use. 

In fact, let’s just ban “shoulds” altogether, shall we?

Single-Dad Entrepreneur-Dad (via @maverickfoo)

In bed at 2:30 a.m. and up at 6:56 a.m.? Yeah. Neither parents nor entrepreneurs sleep, so sleep zombies unite! 


Check out this meditation on being a single father and entrepreneur from a former Buddhist monk. It’s a look into the day in the life of this dad and entrepreneur, and on to which many single parent entrepreneurs will undoubtedly relate. 

And to all the dads out there: Thanks! 

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