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August 19, 2016
Growth  |  2 min read

The Best Investment for Small Business Success

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Clate Mask

Once a month, I speak to a class of customers at Infusionsoft University, which is a training class for our customers. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I get to rub shoulders with 50-100 customers who are serious about growing their businesses. I always learn so much from them and we have a blast together talking about small business success.

Every time I speak to them, I ask a few questions to find out how many companies in attendance are stage one (solopreneurs), stage two (two to three employees), stage three (four to 10), stage four (11-25), or stage five (26-100). The room always skews to stage three, four, and five, despite the fact that only 20 percent of our customers are stage four and five. I point out the disproportionate representation from larger businesses and I ask this question: “Do bigger businesses invest in training because they’re bigger (and can afford it)? Or are they bigger because they invest in training?" 

The audience immediately gets the point. They usually laugh out loud as they’re struck by the truth in the question. To me, there’s absolutely no doubt that companies get bigger because they invest in training. I’ve closely watched it across our customer base for over a decade. I’m fascinated by those who confidently invest, knowing they’ll create value out of the training they acquire. I’m saddened by those who don’t have the confidence in themselves to believe they can create value from the training they receive. 

If you’re serious about small business success, take a look at how much training you’re doing—reading books, going to seminars, studying online courses, learning from others who have been in your same boat. Learners are growers. 

Invest in your own training. It will be the best investment to grow your business. 

SBS Idea of the Day: Look at your calendar over the last month and identify how much time you spent in training. Identify one training opportunity next month and commit to attending it. If you’re an Infusionsoft customer and you haven’t attended Infusionsoft University, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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