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April 18, 2016
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Be More Productive, Automatically

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Clate Mask

As the CEO of Infusionsoft, I’m always striving to make things easier for our customers through our sales and marketing software and services. Last year we moved to a monthly release model where we introduce product updates more frequently, delivering more value faster to our customers. Why? Because I noticed something in ourselves that I commonly see in the small businesses we serve: We were waiting to deliver perfection at the cost of serving our customers.

I see too often entrepreneurs pushing off launch dates, new service offerings, events, and their product updates because they’re waiting for perfection. Let me tell you, the hunt for perfection is dangerous and often costs you a lot of time and money. Challenge yourself to kick the waiting game in the butt and launch whatever it is you’re sitting on because your customers are waiting and they won’t wait around forever.

Check out the latest product updates we didn’t sit on.

Product update highlights—Check out the full list here

  • Simplifying email: The new email building experience that has transformed the way customers create Broadcasts is now available in Campaign Builder! Check out our media release to learn more about this great new tool. A few highlights:
    • Beautiful emails on any device.
    • Ready to use templates.
    • Drag and drop editing.
  • A reimagined marketplace: We’ve completely redesigned the Marketplace from the ground up. We improved the search and filtering features and brought in instant campaign downloads where customers can choose from our free library to help them with vetted sales and marketing automation campaigns. Check out the new Marketplace here.
  • Get paid easier: We’ve introduced an auto-update expired credit card feature, so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting paid. When a Visa or Mastercard expires and is updated by the issuer, or is replaced with a new credit card, Infusionsoft Payments will automatically receive the updated credit card info.
  • Take action and minimize risk: In an effort to help our customers keep a healthy list of engaged contacts, we have created a new email status called, "Unengaged Marketable." This new email status is automatically applied on a weekly basis to addresses that have not engaged with marketing efforts in the last four months. What this means for you is minimized spam risk.

Check out what our customers are saying

“The new email builder is super easy to use. I’m able to focus on the content and less on the tedious formatting. In comparison to the old builder, it is a decade ahead. In comparison to competitive products, it is much easier than expected.” –Kelsey Bratcher, Hired Gun Solutions

“The vast majority of small businesses lose money every month because they don't have good systems for billing automation. So when a card expires the company either loses money, or uses money in the form of manual labor to get that card updated. Having an automatic update for credit card expirations is like adding $3 or more for every $1 you get in revenue because you didn't have to waste any human capital to create and test a system, track down a customer, or make sure the right card is connected to the subscription.” –Kevin Mogavero, KRM Development

Again, these are just a few of the updates made this month. Get ready for May’s updates coming in a few weeks. We’re up to some great things that’ll help our customers be more productive, automatically.

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