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March 27, 2017
Customer Service  |  7 min read

3 Tactics Your Fitness Business Can Automate to Wow Customers

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Paul Sokol

As I mentioned in my two previous posts ("3 Selling Tactics Every Fitness Business can Automate" and "3 Lead Generation Strategies Every Fitness Business Can Automate"), you can find success with any fitness offering if you know where to look. In this last post of the series, we're going to explore some specific ideas to leverage automation in a manner that aids your fulfillment experience and beyond.

Generally, it is accepted that the cost to sell to an existing customer is lower than the cost to acquire a brand new customer. So, here are three ways to sell more to existing customers and generate new leads that are easy to close.

No. 1: The upsell

An upsell is simply something else that you sell on top of the main thing that someone is receiving. Since a fitness business is often in-person fulfillment, this affords two distinct opportunities to present an upsell.

First, you can provide an upsell before someone shows up to your facility. For example, you might offer a new member the chance to buy a towel they can pick up before they come in. Or, if they buy the membership in-person too, you can sell the towel then. You can use anything besides a towel, but it has to make sense. Water bottles. Shirts. Anything you can get your logo on and that someone will use regularly (that’s the key) is a good offering.

For scheduled services, you can provide even more specific offers. If someone is coming in for a tanning session, offer them some tanning oil. You could even offer a tanning oil club where people get all the tanning oil they want for a fixed price each month. Now, you've created another recurring revenue stream.

You can use automation to deliver any of the experiences above. Choose whichever makes the most sense for your specific fitness business. For best results, choose many of these tactics.

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No. 2: The survey

There are many ways to get data on your customer experience. One of the most popular, and easiest to deploy, is a survey. You can offer a survey for a variety of reasons. Some examples are: a general annual survey, one that is specific to a particular service, or depending on your business model, you could even use surveys for grading specific instructors.

Using automation, you can ensure that not only are these surveys collecting the best kind of information but also the data will be constantly stacking up in the background. Whenever you need feedback, you'll already have the data ready to go.

Remember to ask for testimonials in your surveys too (if it’s appropriate). Sometimes, the best language for an ad or a headline will come from your customers. When you leverage the words your target prospects use in their heads (aka the words your customers say), you can get tighter message-to-market fit.

The benefits of automating a survey include relevant responses to certain customer states. For example, if a customer is happy, you might ask for a testimonial like above, or offer some upsell product. However, if a customer isn't happy at all, offering them something else will really upset them. Instead, you might want to automatically create a task for someone to call them up and see what can be done to make things right.

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No. 3: The referral

You have a choice between two movies that look interesting to you. The only thing you know about them is your friend saw this particular one and enjoyed it.

Given that information alone, and maybe the trailers, you are more likely to lean towards to the movie your friend recommended.

This is why referrals are such great sources of business. They are easier to sell to and are often pre-sold on using you already. In fact, there are businesses out there who only rely on referrals and no other kind of advertising.

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The Ultimate Guide for Referral Marketing

When it comes to automation, you can easily automate the solicitation of a referral from an existing customer. You always want to make sure you are following the rules when it comes to your email provider's acceptable use, but it is possible to have a steady stream of referrals flowing in automatically.

Think about the different points in your customer's experiences where you might naturally ask for a referral. Maybe after a full year's worth of membership? What about after a premium service? Once you've identified these moments in the customer journey, you can add some automation to ask for, and bring in, referrals at the right moment.

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Paul Sokol is an electrical engineer by trade and for five years was the Campaign Builder Mad Scientist at Infusionsoft―a moniker earned due to his breadth of knowledge. His first experience with Infusionsoft was when he cofounded jiveSYSTEMS―a business-class video e-mail platform―in 2008 while obtaining his master's degree in signal processing from the University of Central Florida. He joined Infusionsoft formally as an employee in June 2011, provided over 1,000 hours of small business consulting and helped launch more than 200 clients with Infusionsoft. He has authored numerous blog posts, been a guest on many webinars, and taught from stage at live events, such as Infusionsoft's annual ICON. Currently, he works as an outcome-based consultant for small businesses.

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