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March 31, 2016
Business Management  |  4 min read

3 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business

by Lauren Borgeson

Hiring, on-boarding, and training new employees isn’t easy—especially when you are a small business owner and you’re accustomed to doing everything yourself. 

Bringing someone new into your business can be intimidating, but it is also necessary if you want to your business to grow. Whether you are hiring your first employee or your 20th, these are three hiring tips to consider when hiring for your small business. 

1. Clearly articulate what you are looking for, not just in competency but also in behaviors

In any company, but specifically in a small business, it is critical to understand how hiring someone will complement the already existing team. 

Often times, as small business owners, we get caught in a rut of hiring people we know rather than branching out and truly sourcing the most qualified candidates. Not only does this open you up to the risk of not getting the most qualified candidates for the role, it can also breed an environment that lacks diversity. 

You can (and you should), utilize your network to identify candidates, but make sure you are not skipping steps for referrals. Vet referrals and scrutinize their candidacy using the same process you would for any other candidate. Hiring someone different than you is OK and actually adds to productivity.  You can’t hire all strategists because you won’t get anything done and you can’t hire all do-ers or there is a lack of vision.  

2. Understand your value proposition as an employer

If you are ready to hire, then I am sure at this point you understand your value proposition of your product or service to your customer. But, what do you bring to the table as an employer? Can you answer the question, why someone would want to come work for you?

The market for talent is very competitive, and most candidates are making decisions about where they want to work based off intangible benefits (culture, leadership, career development), rather than tangible benefits like compensation. This can be great news for a small business owner, because you may not be able to compete with the bigger companies when it comes to medical benefits and 401K matching. 

However, if you have not made a concerted effort to develop your culture and really think about why you are a better employer than your competition, you will likely have difficulty obtaining the talent you are seeking.  

3. Set them up for success on day one

After months of searching for the right candidate you made a candidate an offer and she accepted. Now what? The first few months of a new hire’s journey are crucial. Make sure to develop a proper on-boarding plan to help set your new hire up for success.

There are many key things to incorporate in an on-boarding plan, but make sure there are ample opportunities for your new employee to connect with her leader. This enables a consistent feedback loop, an opportunity to build trust, and allows co-creation of goals and objectives giving the new employee a clear direction, right out of the gate.

Like I said, this stuff isn’t easy! The good news is, you don’t have to figure it out all on your own.  Check out our Hiring Kit compiled by Infusionsoft’s very own hiring experts to get more resources on where to find those coveted candidates, a worksheet for developing your employer brand, and more.

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Since joining Infusionsoft in 2015, Lauren Borgeson has served as a Hiring Partner for Infusionsoft’s leaders as they search for the best talent to contribute to our mission of changing the world for small business. Lauren is responsible for hiring a variety of positions from entry level support roles to seasoned vice presidents. She does this all while contributing to the company’s talent acquisition strategies. When she isn’t helping to hire the newest Infusionites, Lauren enjoys trying new restaurants, running half-marathons, writing her blog (, and traveling the world with her husband.

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