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March 1, 2016
Business Management  |  4 min read

7 Ways to Boost Small Business Morale

While all business owners want their business to be run well and respected, Gallup tells us only 13 percent of employees actually like going to work and want to help their organization improve. It is essential to boost employee morale – a positive atmosphere and outlook plays an important role in the success of a company. Effective business leaders often keep a close eye on it and implement approaches to strengthen it. Plus, happy employees treat customers with respect – so by boosting small business morale, you can help improve customer retention.  Here are some tactics to consider adapting for your business.

Instill the mindset that work is more than just a job

Every person wants to feel that his or her work has a purpose – but oftentimes the purpose gets shuffled behind some papers during the day-to-day grind. Find ways to show your employees that they are vital and play a role in the success of your business.

Take time to celebrate accomplishments

It is common for people to look forward instead of looking back. However it’s important to reflect on how much your business has achieved instead of reaching right for the next goal without taking time to celebrate. Show your employees you are thankful for how much they have done. There are many reasons why you should recognize greatness, and a big one is to show your team that they are valued.  The recognition will lead to a more efficient workplace.

Train your team to have positive attitudes 

Employee morale tends to be a chain effect. A few negative employees can bring down the entire office and positive team members can spread their cheer around the office. Work hard to boost morale through showing videos of inspiring themes such as the friendly attitude at a well-known business or a story of survival.

Offer time for community service

Nothing makes people feel better about themselves than helping out others in need. Build morale and camaraderie through community service. Consider giving your employees a specific number of paid hours each month to volunteer for a philanthropic organization of their choice. Along with building employee morale, you also prove that you, as a business owner, care about mankind.

Establish family fun discounts

Your employees are working for a living and it’s their top priority to provide for their families. Show your team that you care by partnering with local gyms, movie theaters, and bowling alleys to offer discounts to your employees.  You will demonstrate to your employees that you recognize and support their personal priorities.

Bring good food to the office

Is your team ever under pressure to deliver by a deadline and short on time for lunch? Cater food to them. Find a local sandwich shop that will bring in a variety of sandwiches to sell.  Let your employees know this is happening and they will appreciate the convenient ability to eat a good lunch.

Offer lunch and learn

Do you have employees who are passionate about healthy eating? Writing? Or maybe some of your team wants to learn more about gardening?  Support your employees’ outside interests. Find a local expert who will come to the office and share their expertise about the subjects your team is interested in. This will boost employee morale through showing your team that you value their personal goals. When your team gets down in the dumps, it is less productive.Change the culture at work and make your employees care like owners. Implement a few simple, yet powerful techniques to spark a transformation for the better. How have you implemented morale-boosting programs into your workplace? What was your biggest success?    

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