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November 11, 2016
Culture  |  5 min read

5 Things You Really Need to Read: The Veterans Day Edition

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on (especially this week), it’s that our military deserve our appreciation and support, whether they’re currently deployed or veterans back in civilian life. And since today is Veterans Day, it’s the perfect time to use our roundup to focus on those who served our country in the military.


Best Small Business Loans for Veterans 2016 via @nerdwallet

Are you a veteran? (If so, thank you!) 


Veterans can face some challenges coming back, one of which is that being deployed leaves financial record gaps that can lower a credit score, which can make it harder to get a traditional loan. NerdWallet did some good research into the best non-government loans for veterans.

Looking for more grants and loans? NerdWallet has also got you covered with more resources for veterans.

10 Reasons Companies Should Be Hiring Military Veterans via@businessinsider

When you’re hiring and a veteran’s resume comes across your desk or through your inbox, you should definitely feel a little giddy.

Why? There are a lot of benefits to having vets in your business. They’re independent, team players, and have strong intuition. Not to mention they know how to do hard work since they’re used to doing pretty much the hardest work ever.


Guide to Hiring Veterans via @WhiteHouse

There are a few things you should know if you’re interviewing veterans, like the questions you’re allowed to ask about their service, the cultural military reasons they may act different in interviews than civilians do, plus tax credits your business can get and other laws surrounding employing veterans. Don’t let the fact that this document is from the government bore you. 


This PDF from the White House is easy to read and very explanatory, plus it’s a very reasonable length, so there’s no reason not to go read it right now.

6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Celebrate Veterans Day via@Entrepreneur

Not a veteran and neither is anyone at your business? That’s okay, you can—and should—still celebrate. Here are six pretty simple but important ways to show your appreciation for the veterans you may not know personally but owe thanks to. 

3 Successful Businesses Built by Military Veteran Entrepreneurs via@TechCoHQ

And finally, let’s hear about some veterans who returned from duty, started a business, and made it big. Did you know that FedEx was founded by a former Marine? (I didn’t.) You can also read about former Army major Joseph Kopser and former Navy Seaman, First Class Paul Sperry, who have incredible success stories. 


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