From the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal, Adventure Seeker Creates Successful Small Business to Travel the World

Dec 1, 2015

Small Business Owners in the United Kingdom Gear Up For Small Business Saturday, December 5

(Chandler, Ariz. – Dec. 1, 2015) In celebration of Small Business Saturday and Shop Small in the United Kingdom this Saturday, December 5, Infusionsoft is highlighting modern small business owners who have turned their lifelong dreams into a reality. Keith Crockford, CEO and Founder of the adventure and expedition company, Rock and Rapid Adventures, realized creating a small business was the answer to living his dream life. 

Never giving up the dream

Keith Crockford grew up exploring the great outdoors in Plymouth on the South Coast of Devon, England, spending summers kayaking in the Port of Plymouth or camping in the Dartmoor National Park. When Keith got older he believed in order to succeed he would have to trade the outdoors for a 9-to-5 corporate job. Fortunately, Plymouth University provided a major in Outdoor Leisure Management and Keith was able to follow his passion for adventure. He then spent the next eight years happily working for companies that specialize in outdoor and recreational activities. After gaining the experience needed, it was time for him to follow his ultimate dream and launch his own small business. 

“I never went into the adventure business to be a wealthy man, but I did it because it’s my passion,” said Keith. “Fortunately, I get to wake up every morning knowing I get to spend another day doing what I love.”

Rock and Rapid Adventures is a recreational facilities and services company providing a range of outdoor courses and expeditions in the UK and overseas for school groups, adults, and corporate retreats. Some of their monumental expeditions include: climbing the summit of Kilimanjaro, whitewater rafting the Zambezi, and exploring attractions in their hometown of North Devon.

“Passion and purpose are the key drivers of success,” said Clate Mask, CEO and Co-founder of Infusionsoft. “When an entrepreneur strongly believes in their purpose, they see opportunities where others can’t, and when coupled with the undying belief that they will prevail, the possibilities are endless.”

Helping a small business succeed: The legacy of a business partner, mentor and friend

Keith was the expert on all things adventure, but life as an entrepreneur wasn’t always smooth sailing.  His small team was working more than 18 hours a day and didn’t know when their next customer would come. Keith sought advice from former small business owner and marketing expert, Gordon Spencer Mustoe, who later heavily invested in the company and helped Keith build a successful small business. Unfortunately in 2013, Gordon passed away after a short illness. It was a great loss for Keith and the company.

“Gordon was more than a mentor to me, he was my friend, was always there for me, and is the reason why I get to live my dream,” said Keith, grievously. “I’ll always feel indebted to him for what he did for me, my family and Rock and Rapid Adventures. I owe it to him to see it through, carry on his memory and pay tribute to his life’s achievements.” 

Discovering an ecosystem of small business resources

After grieving the loss of Gordon, Keith searched for the guidance and support he once had. He eventually found a community of entrepreneurs like him when he signed up for the Entrepreneur Circle, UK's largest membership organization dedicated to helping businesses grow. He realized the Entrepreneurs circle and other members were using Infusionsoft for its software capabilities, education and resources. 

Following his introduction to Infusionsoft, Keith bought the software through Infusionsoft Partner and UK’s leading Infusionsoft Trainer, David Holland of EXELA Limited. David trained both Keith and his team on how to use the Infusionsoft platform. Inspired by the opportunities David introduced, Keith continued to maximize on Infusionsoft’s Partner solutions and continues to work with Infusionsoft Consultant, Ashley Marshall of JumpWorks, to capitalize on sales and marketing capabilities of the software.

Building a trusted brand: The power of CRM

Rock and Rapid Adventures’ customers are motivated differently. They could be high school seniors looking to embark on their last hurrah, corporations looking for team building activities, or adults wanting to check things off their bucket list. However, they have one thing in common- wanting to buy from a brand they trust. Whether they are about to buy an in-door rock climbing session or travel 500 miles away from home, they want to know they are in the right hands, that they will be safe and that their investment was valuable.

Rock and Rapid Adventures uses Infusionsoft’s CRM and marketing campaign capabilities to ensure customers like and trust their brand from the start. Keith and his team created a 52-week campaign to nurture prospects automatically, create relationships and build trust with customers. Once a person submits their email address on the website or through social media, they become a prospect and are automatically entered into the campaign. The campaign sends an email every Monday, usually consisting of blog posts, YouTube videos or outdoor tips and tricks, with enough content to keep the prospect interested until they are ready to buy. Keith and his team highlight creating “non salesy” content to keeping the attention of their current and future customers. For that reason, people rarely unsubscribe from Rock and Rapid Adventures emails.

Traveling the world and running a successful small business: Benefits of automation technology

Keith and his team spend a significant amount of time traveling as a part of the business. Leveraging Infusionsoft’s automation capabilities, the team can be thousands of miles from the office and still successfully run the business. Before embarking on a new adventure, the team creates campaigns and automate numerous tasks to launch while they are away. For example, if a website visitors makes an inquiry about a trip, they automatically receive a personalized email with all the information they requested.

“Automation is one of the coolest developments of the 21st century!” said Keith. “It assures my team and I that our prospects and customers are taken care of and allows us to completely focus on the customer’s journey and creating the experience of a lifetime.”

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