Win the Game with Strategic Planning

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Join us and learn how to:

  • Identify the purpose of your business
  • Understand how strategy guides planning
  • Establish a meeting rhythm for success
  • Involve and motivate your employees
  • Analyze results for continuous improvement

Big Thinking for Small Businesses

You don't have to run a Fortune 500 company to harness the power of strategic planning. You just need to know how it's done.

During this webinar, Clate Mask, CEO and co-founder of Infusionsoft, will explain five strategic moves to help your business thrive and win. Starting with the purpose of your business, you'll find out how to turn strategy into planning, action and results. Best of all, everyone in the company can be aligned with your vision, working as a team toward long-term success.


About the Speakers

Clate Mask
CEO And Co-Founder, Infusionsoft

An entrepreneur since early in his career, Clate thrives on turning small businesses into big businesses. He has guided Infusionsoft to three rounds of venture capital totaling $71 million, including a recent $54 million Series C led by Goldman Sachs.

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