In today’s competitive economy, it takes extra effort to differentiate your business from the others in your industry. If you want to develop your brand, it’s important to differentiate your product or service based on value, not price. By consistently wowing your customers each time you interact with them, they will stay engaged with your business (and refer their friends).

  • Getting Started with Your Wow Strategy

    Wow, the third phase of Lifecycle Marketing, involves three key stages:

    • Deliver and Wow
    • Offer More
    • Get Referrals
  • Deliver and Wow

    Wowing your customers is about providing more than what you promised and creating a delightful experience. While this may seem simple and obvious, the hustle and bustle of daily work causes customer delights to often get overlooked.

    To wow your customers, make sure that your after sales service provides the product or service in a timely manner. Then go above and beyond their expectations by providing additional value that leverages your strengths.

  • Offer More

    After providing an exceptional experience, you are in a position to offer additional products or services to your customers. Determining what to offer and when to offer it involves a bit of strategy.

    Determine what related products or services will help your customers, and create a solution. The solution can be additional products, services, or tips and resources related to their needs. Timing and positioning is important. Here are three ways to tactfully increase your revenue while continuing to be helpful:

    • Cross sell: Customers aren’t always aware of the perfect product or service pairings, and may be willing to purchase related items that enhance their experience.
    • Upsell: Listen to your customers and try to understand their needs. They might be willing to pay extra for special treatment, warranties or monthly programs.
    • New products: Help your customers by notifying them of new products or services that could enhance their lives, or experience with your brand.
  • Get Referrals

    You’ll spend less money marketing to existing customers than attracting new ones. This is why it’s so important to wow customers from the start.

    It’s important to anticipate their needs and deliver more than what you promised in either quality or quantity. Or, try recommending something new that satisfies their needs. Leverage your strengths, because that’s what will set you apart from your competition.

    Referrals are one of the cheapest ways to expand your business, and wowing your current customers is the fastest way to earn referrals. Asking and rewarding customers for a referral completes the Wow experience. Effective referral programs are a big win for small businesses because they help customers develop habits that include your company. Consider establishing a referral program with rewards that are easy to obtain. Providing small gift cards, discounts or movie tickets for referrals is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation.

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