Developer Partners

Write code? Geek out on APIs? Partner with us.

Many Infusionsoft customers use integrated apps to enhance their Infusionsoft software, and sometimes they need custom development services to integrate other systems with the software. That's where you come in.

There are two ways for developers to partner with us.

The first is for a developer to work as an App Developer that sells app integrations in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. The second is for a developer to work as an Infusionsoft Certified Developer who collaborates closely with our customers to build custom integrated solutions for their specific needs.

App Developer

The Infusionsoft Marketplace is home to a small business ecosystem that’s full of apps, integrations, content, and Infusionsoft Certified Partners. It consolidates all of the tools and resources Infusionsoft customers need into one convenient, searchable place. If you create apps or add-ons, it’s the perfect place to market and sell your Infusionsoft app.

We like to think that our API has infinite possibilities, so let your imagination run wild. Plus, with the tools available in the Developer Center, learning the Infusionsoft API has never been easier. When you’re finished with your integration, log into the Marketplace, create your listing, get approval, and start getting noticed by the more than 60,000 people in our user base.

Markeplace by Infusionsoft
Get started in the app developer program

To start earning money as an App Developer, access our Developer Center for documentation about our API, download a sandbox app, and turn your idea into an integration that solves business problems.

Get Started with the API

Infusionsoft Certified Developer

Do you like to solve business problems by creating custom integrated solutions? Our customers need Certified Developers to create custom solutions using the Infusionsoft API to solve their business problems. Our ecosystem needs Certified Developers that can collaborate with Infusionsoft Partners to help customers innovate and constantly improve. If you are someone that is skilled at solving business problems, and also consider yourself a developer or a programmer that likes to create custom code with the Infusionsoft API, then this program is for you.

Build Custom Solutions

Benefits & Resources

Infusionsoft Certified Developers enjoy the same wide array of special benefits that Infusionsoft Certified Partners receive, including referrals from Infusionsoft sales teams and support staff.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Developer you’ll receive:

  • Exposure to over 18,000 small businesses through a business listing in our Marketplace
  • Access to a private online forum to network with other partners
  • Invitation to PartnerCon, our exclusive annual partner event
  • Special credentials in the Infusionsoft online community
  • In-depth product training
  • Training on our software and services
  • Access to additional badges and certifications
  • A sample Infusionsoft account for product demos
  • Premier tech support
  • Access to our partner specialists and API experts
Benefits & Resources
Get Started as an Infusionsoft Certified Developer.

In order to become an Infusionsoft Certified Developer, you have to first become a Certified Partner. You can earn your partner certification by attending a live, four-day certification course, at the end of which you’ll become eligible to take the online Developer Certification course and test.

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