Certified Partners

Your expertise, our software, and a whole new offering for your audience.

As a Certified Partner, you'll have exclusive rights to resell Infusionsoft and bundle your services with our software.

By expanding your product offerings to include Infusionsoft, you will have the opportunity to:

Develop a new line of business by building your services with Infusionsoft!

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Grow Your Customer Base
Grow Your Customer Base
Recurring Revenue
Build a Recurring Revenue Channel
Marketing and Business Knowledge
Share Marketing and Business Knowledge
Recurring Comissions
Earn Recurring Commissions

You'll also receive special training to become part of a community of experts in our software, so you can introduce our products and services to your clientele with confidence and expertise.

Benefits & Resources

Special benefits for Certified Partners include:

  • Reseller privileges
  • Build a new recurring revenue channel
  • Ramp up quickly with in-depth partner training
    • Training on Infusionsoft products, services and support
    • Training on marketing and selling Infusionsoft
    • Sales and marketing best practices for small businesses
  • The opportunity to pursue additional specialty badges and certifications, including:
    • Certified Developer Certification
    • CustomerHub Certification
    • GroSocial Certification
  • Dedicated partner sales manager to help you create and implement plans to grow your Infusionsoft business
  • A sample Infusionsoft account for product demos
  • Premier tech support
  • Discounts on Infusionsoft products and services
  • Invitation to PartnerCon annual conference, and sponsorship opportunities at Infusionsoft events
  • Exposure to over 18,000 small businesses with an exclusive listing in our Marketplace
  • Access to a private online forum for networking and relationship building with other partners
  • Special credentials in the Infusionsoft online community


To become certified, applicants are required to take a four-day training course at Infusionsoft's headquarters. The training will immerse you in advanced Infusionsoft features, and uncover proven strategies for growing a successful business as a Certified Partner. You'll learn:

  • How to market and sell Infusionsoft with your value added services
  • Infusionsoft best practices for emails, web forms, campaigns and more
  • How to create and implement marketing automation plans using the Campaign Builder
  • How to analyze potential app use and make effective decisions
  • Updates and deeper uses of the software's features
  • Infusionsoft culture, mission, vision and core values
  • Guidelines, policies and expectations for our Certified Partners

2015 Upcoming Training Courses
Chandler, AZ

Infusionsoft Headquarters
United States
1260 S. Spectrum Blvd
Chandler, AZ

Jun 1 - 4 Jul 20 - 23 Oct 5 - 8
Nov 30 - Dec 3    
London, UK

Sheraton Skyline Hotel - Heathrow Airport
United Kingdom
Bath Road
Hayes, Middlesex

Oct 19 - 22    
Sydney, AUS

Karstens Conference and Meeting Centre
Level 1 Harrington Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Sep 14 - 17    


To attend one of these certification classes:

First, submit your application. Course fees are not due at the time of application.

Next, if you qualify, we'll send you instructions on how to select the certification session you would like to attend and pay the program fee. We recommend that before you attend the live certification class, you either complete the online pre-certification training course or have at least one year of experience using the software. Once you submit your application, we'll give you access to pre-course material that can help you learn our software and prepare for the certification class.

Commissions: Recurring Revenue

As an authorized reseller, Certified Partners sell the software and required implementation services directly to their customers, with the option to bundle it with their own services.

You'll earn recurring commissions on the monthly subscription price for the apps you sell. You’ll bill the customer directly for the implementation services, and you’ll have the flexibility to package and price the services in a way that best fits your business.

See a PDF with more details here

General InformationBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Commissions on the Application10% of the monthly subscription15% of the monthly subscription20% of the monthly subscription25% of the monthly subscription
Commissions on additional items sold through the partner’s cart10% of the monthly subscription15% of the monthly subscription20% of the monthly subscription25% of the monthly subscription
Service Revenue per Sale100% of the Initial Service Package*

  More Info
100% of the Initial Service Package*

  More Info
100% of the Initial Service Package*

  More Info
100% of the Initial Service Package*

  More Info
Marketing Specialist

  More Info
-1 Person1-2 People2 People
Infusionsoft Certified Developer

  More Info
--1 person1 person
Marketing Collateral (Links, Banners, Emails)    
Partner Portal Access    
Event Ticket Discounts (ICON/PartnerCon)10% off tickets for you and your employees

  More Info
25% off tickets for you and your employees

  More Info
50% off tickets for you and your employees

  More Info
1 Free Ticket + 50% off tickets for you and your employees

  More Info
Event Sponsorship Discount---10% off event sponsorship packages (Up to a $10k discount/event)
Business Marketing Plan-   
Dedicated Partner Sales Manager    
Professional Services Discount5% off Retail10% off Retail15% off Retail20% off Retail
Marketing Development Funds-   
Joint Collateral/Case Study Creation--  
Program FeesBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Initial Program Fee$2,000$2,000$3,000$4,000
Annual Renewal Fee$1,500$1,500$2,000$3,000
Annual Employee Certification Fee$500$500$500$500
Minimum Sales Requirement/Year0255075
Additional RequirementsBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Transactional Net Promoter Score20202020
Customer Retention Minimum80%80%80%80%

Infusionsoft offers live training courses to obtain certification multiple times throughout the year. See our upcoming training classes.

First, you must meet the minimum requirements: knowledge of Infusionsoft, an established business and approval from the Infusionsoft partner program manager. To apply, go to http://www.infusionsoft.com/partners/certified-partners/application. Once we review and approve your application, you may pay the program fees and register for a live training course. Once you successfully pass the test administered on the last day of the live training course and sign the program contract, you will be an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Depending on which level you’re at, you’ll earn between 10%-25% of the recurring monthly subscription for each qualified sale. Example: if your client purchases an Infusionsoft subscription at $299/month and you’re at the Platinum level (25%), you’ll earn $74.75 each month for that sale for as long as the client continues to pay Infusionsoft and you remain in the Certified Partner program. See the Certified Partner chart.

Infusionsoft has over 18,000 customers who are looking for ways to grow sales and save time. Many of them need additional services that Infusionsoft doesn't offer, such as integrations, web development, custom software development and software design. Certified Developers are experts in these types of services and Infusionsoft’s API. 

The Infusionsoft Certified Partners program is a community of marketing agencies, VAR’s, consultants, developers and more who help small businesses succeed by using Infusionsoft to grow sales and save time.

Infusionsoft has over 18,000 customers who are looking for ways to grow sales and save time. Many of them need services, such as sales and marketing strategies, web development, copywriting, design, integrations and ongoing consulting. Infusionsoft Certified Partners specialize in these types of services that complement the Infusionsoft solution.

Yes! As part of the live training course, you will be fully trained on the same proven systems and processes Infusionsoft uses to help thousands of small businesses grow and automate. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, you'll be qualified to provide implementation services to your clients.

A qualified sale is when a new customer signs up and pays for an Infusionsoft subscription and upfront service fees.

There are three ways we track Certified Partner referrals and sales:

  1. We’ll give you unique tracking links to share with your network. When someone clicks on your link, a cookie is set in their browser for 120 days. Once that person fills out a form on the Infusionsoft website, we’ll read that cookie and know that you referred them.
  2. You’ll also be able to manually register leads at www.infusionsoft.com/leadregistration.
  3. You’ll also have your own re-seller cart where you can process Infusionsoft purchases. Any sales that go through your cart will be attributed to you.

We pay the last referring partner or Affiliate. Whichever partner/Affiliate had the most recent link click or manual lead registration prior to the time of the sale will earn the commission.

Commission checks are sent out on the 20th of each month for commissions earned during the previous month. (Example: if you make a sale in January, you’ll get paid on February 20th.)

Note that commissions are only paid in proportion to the amount a customer pays on an invoice, and when the total amount earned is at $100 or more.

Yes. You will receive access to them once your partner application has been approved.

You will hear back from us within two business days after you have submitted your application.

When your referrals fill out an Infusionsoft form, you will be able to see them as a lead in your partner portal. If the lead “disappears” from the portal (is no longer visible), this means another partner was assigned as latest referring partner. You are welcome to manually register the lead to regain your status as last referring partner if the referral is still in the prospect stage.

Certified Partners that do not meet minimum performance requirements may be downgraded to bronze status. As a bronze Certified Partner, you will receive 10% recurring commission per qualified sale on any new sales you generate under that program.

Note: Bronze Certified Partners do not have a minimum sales requirement.

Infusionsoft promotes our Certified Partners to our users, employees and partner community. We refer our customers only to those providers who are certified by Infusionsoft. Only Certified Partners will be listed in our Marketplace, ensuring our customers are working with partners who have completed the live training course, passed the exam and maintain positive customer reviews and retention.

No. Only Infusionsoft Certified Partners will be listed in our Marketplace in the Services section.

Yes, 100% attendance is required. Each day of the four-day training course will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 5:00 PM. We suggest making appropriate arrangements in your business to allow you to be completely focused on the training during this time.

Yes. As part of the Infusionsoft Certified Partners contract you'll sign, you'll be required to provide quality services, be responsive to both Infusionsoft and Infusionsoft customers and maintain a high standard of work ethics. Infusionsoft Certified Partners pledge to conduct their business according to Infusionsoft's core values. If we receive multiple customer complaints or deem that you do not meet these standards, you will be removed from this program without a refund of program fees.

All program fees are non-refundable. If you do not pass the certification test, you may re-take the exam for $500. You may elect to re-take the live training course as well, for no additional fee. The exam will be offered on the last day of the course only. The exam must be taken live.

Certifications last for one year. To remain an Infusionsoft Certified Partner after one year, you'll need to pass an online recertification test, participate in Continuing Education provided by Infusionsoft and pay the renewal fees. See the Fees section for details.

Yes, once certified, you can receive additional training and earn badges in specialty areas like Developer, CustomerHub and GroSocial.

Coming soon: More certifications to expand your offerings and increase your earning potential – Infusionsoft support, sales and marketing, kickstarts, and more!

Once an employee who is certified for $500 leaves your company, he or she can 1.) obtain a primary certification, or 2.) move their certification under another primary Certified Partner.

Infusionsoft will pay commissions to the primary Certified Partner’s company only.

Each company needs one primary Certified Partner. If the Primary Certified Partner of your company does not renew, you will need to designate another person from your company to become the primary Certified Partner and pay the $1500 annual renewal fee.

One Marketplace listing is allotted to each Primary Certified Partner who pays the full program fee. Additional employees certified at the reduced rate will be listed on the primary Certified Partners Marketplace listing.

You can register an employee for the training course at the reduced rate of $500 as long as your certification is active.

We do not require you to use the software for a year. Rather, we recommend that you attend the training with an advanced, working knowledge of Infusionsoft. We have created an online pre-test you can access to help you gauge your Infusionsoft knowledge once you have registered for a course. We have an online pre-course available to help build your Infusionsoft knowledge as well. To gain access to the pre-course, please email [email protected].