Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This policy outlines which practices are acceptable and which practices are not.
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Billing Policy

This has our Billing Policy and our Refund Policy, as well as other related policies.
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Business Associate Agreement

Legal document relating to Hipaa and protected health information (PHI).
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Data Security Statement

Infusionsoft's Data Security Statement describes some of the security controls that we have implemented to help ensure the security of your data.
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EEA/CH Safe Harbor Notice

This is Infusionsoft's notice to data subjects in the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation regarding our efforts to adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles published by US Department of Commerce ("Safe Harbor Principles") with respect to certain personal data about such individuals.
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End User License Agreement (EULA) for Mobile

Legal terms and conditions for using the Infusionsoft mobile application.
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Marketplace Guidelines & Policy

Download this PDF for listing requirements, listing guidelines and read our policy related to listings in the Marketplace.
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PCI Compliance

Infusionsoft is PCI Compliant. That means all the data we store is secure.
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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy details the terms and conditions of how we handle your data.
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Terms of Use

This is the really long legal document that outlines all the things you agree to when you start using our software.
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Trademark Usage Guidelines

Here are guidelines for correct Infusionsoft trademark usage, along with a list of Infusionsoft trademarks.
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Pay Per Click Advertising

Here are Terms of Use for you who have been selected to participate in our PPC alpha group.
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