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Automate how you score leads, and the hottest prospects will be distributed to your sales team in priority order

That's right–you'll never waste time cold calling again. Automatic lead scoring is an objective way of assessing a prospect's level of interest based on how engaged they are with your marketing. Lead scoring allows sales reps (or you, if you don't have a sales team) to focus on the hottest leads, and prioritize your daily call list.

In Infusionsoft, a score is automatically assigned to a contact record based on tags applied, web forms submitted, links clicked, and emails opened. Once enabled, the scoring process runs constantly in the background. When a tag is applied or removed, the score is updated in real time, adding and subtracting points from contact records based on the criteria you've defined. Plus, you can adjust the settings in your lead scoring process, so it’s totally customized for your business.

Imagine having the ability to send specific information to your leads—details that you know they're looking for—before they even ask. With Infusionsoft, you'll know which leads are ready to buy, and when to reach out with the information they need. You can truly anticipate their next question and speak to their specific level of interest. It's the ultimate level of customer service.

The sooner you bring your sales and marketing systems together, the sooner you (or your salespeople) can update leads with scoring and sales cycle information—data that will be immediately available to the marketing side of things.

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A faster way to create quotes and orders

You can create, manage and share custom quotes and proposals with potential buyers directly from Infusionsoft via email automation. Your customers can accept with the click of a button, and Infusionsoft will automatically convert the quote into an order and create a balance. It's like having another employee, helping you move and track customers through your pipeline.

After a quote is accepted or declined, a notification email will be sent to the sales person, streamlining your processes and saving you time.

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Free up your sales team to do more of what they do best

With Infusionsoft managing your sales pipeline, you can set up actions that trigger when a sales rep updates an opportunity record. This allows you to create strategic, automated follow-up sequences that are specific to the prospect's stage of the cycle.

You (or your sales team) can create an opportunity record for each prospect that enters your sales pipeline. From that point on, you can guide the prospect through the sales stages, nurturing them until they are ready to buy. It's your sales cycle, simplified.

Plus, when it comes time to train new sales team members, you'll have a scalable system already in place.

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